Auto Showcase of Fallston MD

Auto Showcase of Fallston MD

Auto Showcase of Fallston MD Bait and Swtich Price and Lied about fixing items on Vehicle Fallston Maryland!!. Bait and Switch I found my truck on AutoShocase website advertised for $36,997 and my wife and I went to look at it and liked it so we decided to buy it on our 2nd trip there. After 7 hours of negotiation to try and get payments and interest to where we could afford it we bought the truck. We were worn down and worn out and we didnt realize at the time of signing the papers we paid $37997 which is a $1000 more than advertised when we questioned it JD told us that the price was $36,977 with a $2000 trade in wich would make it $38.997 and said he was giviing us $1000 off. When we got home we looked on the internet and there is nothing about a $2000 trade in. We didn’t have a trade in but we put down a large down payment. We feel they are were taking care of us who are senior citizens on a fixed income. When looking at truck we noticed it had a broken driver side mirrow (wthich the salesperson said they would take care of it in the price whcih they forgot to do so JD told us he would take care of this for us). In our hours of negotiating with JD he offered us a price of $37447 with a 3.99 interest rate. We were not comfortable with the payments so he managed to find us an intereste rate of 1.99 for 72 months – when we went into finance office to sign papers JD had raised the price of the truck back up to $37997 and he said it was becasue we were getting a cheaper interest rate and he was not making any money off the truck. We bought the truck Dec. 4, 2018 and the mirror is still not been fixed and I have called JD at least 5 to 6 times a month or more and he never has returned my call. I was called by the service manger who told me they found a mirrow but it was over $1000 and they were trying to find a mirrow for $750 and they would install it. I called the ford dealer and the ford dealer told me the list price of the mirrow was $1475 plus $240 to install it. In the meantime because I am getting so tired of waiting and of all the lies and constantly calling them I found a mechanic who could get me a mirrow for $750. So I called the service manager back and told her if they would pay the $750 for the mirrow I would get it installed. The Service Manager said she had to contact JD. On Feb. 18th I called JD and he told me that the best they can do is give me $200 towards the mirrow. I have been waiting since Dec. 4th to have my mirrow fixed and have been lied to and given the run around this has been very frustrating and upsetting. I feel the dealership did a bait and switch via internet pricing and they also raised the price after negotiaiton and they lie about fixing my mirrow from the day of purchase.

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