Auto Source Hawaii

Auto Source Hawaii

Auto Source Hawaii Rima Braden I sold my car to them and they took about two months to pay it off Honolulu, Hawaii!!. I sold my car to the dealer before a family vacation with an understanding that the payoffs would take no longer than 10 days and that it would be no hassle for me, just enjoy the vacation. I left to head over seas to my vacation destination and noticed that no payoffs were coming in. This also effected the escrow standing with a property that I was trying to acquire at the time. Rima offered no real explanations on the reasoning for taking so long and simply gave me a further date every time. I was not able to close on my residence and had to deal with the issue on return from the vacation. The payoffs were also incorrect and I had to explain everything covered in my emails again. We settled at a number that I still do not believe was correct. I gave up on the issue as I had wasted enough time at that point. I have also had issues with buying at this dealer before and felt that it was just a bad sales rep. After purchasing a vehicle with a full coverage (30 day) warranty, one of the bulbs went out. After I called I was continually told to drive it to random shops for them and get it figured out. They would then try to barter with the shops for cost. After the many calls that it took the sales rep got mad at me and no longer wanted to talk to me. Nearly at the end of the warranty, I went into the shop and had to resolve the situation at the dealer requiring more of my time again. I have bought and sold four cars at this dealer and this is the sort of treatment I get there. You have been warned.

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