Auto tech diagnostic auto repair

Auto tech diagnostic auto repair

Auto tech diagnostic auto repair Autotech jeff cullen east lansing auto repair scam mechanic rip off Auto tech of lansing took my car and held it ransom for $300 Lansing Michigan!!. i was flat out ripped off by Jeff Cullen. I had called auto tech because they rebuilt the motor on my mercedes. It has has every caution light on since they rebuilt it including the brake light and air bag light. They say they dont have codes and have noway of checking why the lights are on. I continue to drive the car not knowing why even the service engine light is on because they refuse to help me. The car then breaks two motor mounts because it has a bad coil causing it to run rough that they didnt diagnose until the motor mount broke and now they arent covering it. david at auto tech tells me it is going to be $1500 to place three bolts in the top of my motor. i repaired this on my own in ten minutes and cost $4.50 for the bolts. I tell david i am not having him do the work that iti s too much money and he tells me he ordered $850 in parts for the car already from bloomfield hills mercedes dealer. I do not believe him because he seems like a shady type of guy so I call the mercedes dealer and speak to the head of pearys and he tells me that business has never ordered a single part from them. I call david back and ask him if hes a invoise for the parts order and he says yes That the guy at the dealership is a lieing son of a b***h and he will have his job. I then call back the mercedes dealed and he tells me this business is scamming me that I should get my car back immed. I then ask david for the invoice and he refuses and says i also owe him for ordering a new head for my car. Thed eposit for the head. i ask for the proof of order and he gives me nothing again. He clearly was lieing and trying to force me into having him do the work. I say i want my car back ande ill pay the $40 diagnostic fee they said days before i could pay and get my car back. Nope not now he decides to scam me and wants $250 now to diagnose it. This is illegal in michigan. Any charge over $40 must have a signed work order. I refused andt hey drove my car for weeks in and outo f the garage witht he motor hanging on the pavement. Even telling me on the phone they are ruining my car and I need to pay them. My mom eventually gives in and pays them close to $300 and the owner jeff cullen never even returns a single call left at both locations. he also would not respond to the b.b.b. complaint I filed. The state of michigan is now looking into this fraud.

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