auto trakk

auto trakk

auto trakk Priceless auto Uniontown pa scamming people to sell cars they chose uniontown pennsylvaniaa!!. I have read many similar reports about auto trakk. I don’t believe in the device program they use. As they accually attach to your cars security system, which is tampering with the cars inboard wiring. This voids any manufacture warranties on the wiring. But more over it is the dealer that handles the sale. This company is terribly frauding people. They get you to lie to auto trails about down payments. And really play a illegal game that people don’t even realize is illegal. See they try and say there helping people out. How ever many of us has had them put a dealer plate on our cars in an agreement of a certain time frame to pay the down. Here’s the big catch if pulled over on that plate. This is very illegal. When a car is leased not rented a vehicle in pa must be hard plated in your name. Another issue is a lease is like a loan. Only difference is there is a full buy out at the end of the lease. Which means the device they put in is a fraud item. If they shut your car off with this device they can be sued. Leases as loans have to fall sorta in a 3 strike rule then repo services begin. If device is taken out how ever you need to know where in the car to plug the security wire back in. Or your car will still not start. Catch 22 here people. Only a dealer would know this. And any other dealer won’t won’t do it cause there tampering with private property of auto trakk.

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