auto Trans Tech Transmissions

auto Trans Tech Transmissions

auto Trans Tech Transmissions Owner: Jim Unauthorized use of my credit/debit card Colorado Spings Colorado!!. Beware of this company, they keep their customers credit/debit card info and make unauthorized charges. This company did this to me more than a year after I moved from Colorado. They charged my card without my permission/authorization. I turned this company in for unauthorized use of my card. In my opinion they stole from me. This company is being investigated for fraud as I had to file a claim against Trans-Tech Transmissions in Colorado, Springs. Trans-Tech shame on you for being very unprofessional and charging my card without authorization from me!!! About a year and a half ago when i was living in Colorado Springs i had this company repair my van. They said that they ran a diagnostic test on my vehicle and told me that it needed several parts. They kept my van for a few days. They said that the repairs were done, i paid over a thousand dollars for what they said they fixed. I did not even drive my van for a mile and the problem that they were supposed to fix was never fixed. They said that i needed to bring it back, i brought it back, then they said that it was another problem, they wanted more money for it. As far as i’m concerned it was their mistake that they had misdiagnosed my van, so i feel that since i paid them over a thousand dollars that they should not have charged me for the parts on what the real problem really was, it was their error not mine. So for a second time they said they fixed it. A week later my van started to leak again, i took it to another mechanic and they said that it was never repaired and that my transmission pan was just about to fall off. The second mechanic found that the pan was glued and not bolted properly! I took it back to Trans Tech Transmissions and told them about what i was told, well they took my van in again and as usual they said that it was fixed and still wanted me pay over $200. Well i moved from Colorado about a month later and my van started to leak again, and is still leaking to this day. So my advice is to stay clear of this company, they will rip you off and want you to pay for their mistakes. And like i said that they will charge your credit card without your authorization even after more than a year after you deal with them, it’s scary to know that this business will do that to a customer. i had to have my card shut down!! So beware of this company!

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