Auto Transport Group, Ogden Utah

Auto Transport Group, Ogden Utah

Auto Transport Group, Ogden Utah, Truthful Transport, Bill Fralic Worst auto shipment experience imaginable. Damaged vechicle and refused to take responsibility ogden, UT UT!!. Avoid at all costs. Company damaged my truck during transit And absolutely refused to take responsibility for my damage nor make the situation right. You are better off having a 16 year old drive your car to its new destination than this rip off, pathetic excuse for an automotive shipping company. Manager Bill Fralic is without a doubt the most unprofessional, unbusinesslike, dishonest, shady, scummy, ‘manager ‘you will ever encounter. This is the 4th vechicle I have shipped and the entire experience was an absolute nightmare from start to finish. To be brief: 1) Auto Transport group damaged my 2006 chevy silverado during transit. The new damage was apparent upon my vechicle being dropped off. After calling manager Bill Fraluc he insisted I pay the full shipment cost and we would ‘determine damages later’. Absolutely not. I refused to pay until the damages to my vechicle could be assessed. 2) Manager Bill Fralic is absolute scum and refused to admit fault or accept responsibility even though the damage was clearly new. I will provide pictures…insisted damage was existing regardless of all proof to the contrary. Informed me they are not responsible under any circumstances-even though their contract does not include specific damage provisions. This company and Bill Fralic are an absolute joke. Period. 3) after auto transport group damaged my vechicle, I was informed that if I did not pay, my vechicle would go into storage and I would be obligated to pay storage costs. I refused. In what world does that make sence. Manager Bill Fralic was the most unapologetic, spiteful, scummy, shady, unprofessional patheric excuse for a businessman I have ever encounterd in 7 years of shipping vechicles. Not only did he try to lie about the damage to my truck not being caused by them, he was threatening, dishonest, and unprofessional throughout the entire experience to put it simply. 4) after many failed attempts at a resolution for the company to be truthful and take responsibility for damaging my car, I gave up due to sheer exhaustion of dealing with dishobest, incompetent scum. Bill refused to give me the name of his insurance carrier after I informed him I would be filing my own claim after his companies refusal to admit their damage to my truck. after asking 3 times for their insurance information and Bill refusing, he finally told me, “I will give it to you later” What legitimate business withholds their insurance info after damaging your vechicle? I did some digging and discovered auto transport group is self insured through Bill Fralic. Surprise suprise. Every insurance claim would go through him. At this point, I just had to laugh. 5) In summation, auto transport group has immensely unfit and unqualified drivers and managers, damaged my truck, lied about it, refused to take responsibility, threatened me after I refused to pay, refused to give me their insurance information and made my move a living hell. AVOID at all costs. Bill Fralic is unprofessional, dishonest SCUM and I hope he sees this. Feel free to message me for photographs/more information etc.

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