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Hi | My Name is Emmanuel H | I have heard an Ad on The radio How “Clear Creek Tax ” Are Going To Reduce My tax To Orginal What I Owe | I Filed tax for 2005-2007-2008-2009 Tax years | Which the IRS had Added Lots of Interest & Penalties ! | Zach & Randy From “Clear Creek Tax ” Where Supposed to be My representative , | And At the begging they called once a week telling me What They Do & Will Do to Help me ! | Everything They Said Sound like a pitch that they was reading from a script ! | in any way They Promised To resolve my case with in 30 to 45 Days ! | A year later Passed & nothing Happened ! I just wonder With So many complains On the internet | How Come The Police , FBI , Or the general District attorney Don’t do Nothing To Arrest Them & Shut Them Down

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