Auto Trimuk Consignor

Auto Trimuk Consignor

Auto Trimuk Consignor Craigslist: Adam Fruend [email protected] Auto Brander Consignor Failed to deliver purchase after $10800 was wired to them. Miami Florida!!. I had almost the exact same experience as David from San Antonio. I too responded to an ad on Craigslist. This time for a Case 580K Backhoe for $10800. Adam Freund ([email protected]) replied back and stated he was selling equipment through Auto Trimuk Consignor in Canton, OH. Through back and forth emails with Adam and after registering with, I wired my $10800 to [email protected]. Original delivery date was for 11-20-2017. Auto Trimuk Consignor replied back on Sunday and said the delivery vehicle had been in an accident and the truck would need to be changed out and it would be delivered today 11-22-2019 at 3pm. I tried calling Auto Trimuk Consignor at 786-319-9959 to confirm delivery time and no answer. I tried to go to their website and it is shut down. I have emailed Adam Freund with no response. This scam is very well orchestrated. There are multiple reviews online of this u201cbusinessu201d on several of the car forums and several from a few years ago, making me believe this service was legit. The u201ccompanyu201d provides Emails, websites, documents (Bill of Sale, Invoices, transaction reference numbers, etc.) that all look legit. Itu2019s all a very eloborate scam. Donu2019t get stung.

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