AutoAssure, LLC

AutoAssure, LLC

AutoAssure, LLC has contacted me multiple times by phone, and now in writing as well, to try to make me take some specific action ,with them, about my car warranty. I don’t have a car. Nor do I do any business in Plano TX Texas!!. I have received, and subsequently blocked, many calls from this outfit. Yet I got another today, from a New York number, so I accepted it. Grr! So annoying. They have also sent me a letter/form, designed to look convincingly like a real form, using different typefaces, tables, and poor layout. The envelope had no return address. The name and contact information of the company, when I was trying to figure out who was responsible, are in by far the smallest type on the page. Other than my name and address, which I would much rather they didn’t have, the information on the form is completely generic. The only way they would actually learn anything about my purported car or its purported warranty is if I was silly enough to correspond or speak with them. While they are careful to couch everything they say in hypothetical language, like “…your factory warranty will expire, or may have already expired…” so that there is technically no illegal pressure being applied, the activity itself would seem to verge on fraudulent. Both the letter and the phone calls are also carefully calibrated to create uncertainty and anxiety in the recipient–who, if they have a car, might indeed wonder if their warranty was problematic.

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