Autobarn Autobarn VW of Evanston Beware of fake charges and the price suddenly changing! Internet!!. I sent an e-mail through the Autobarn of Evanston website stating that I was interested in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 101,000 miles that was listed for $4,999. I stated that I had poor credit but could put $2,000 down. I received an e-mail next day from a salesman named Danny that said I should submit an online application so they could look at my credit and see if they could get me financed. Danny called me a couple of hours after receiving the credit app and said that they could get me financed if I could put down half the price of the car, which would be $2,500. I said I could do this. He said he was off the next day and we agreed to meet the day after that. The next day after I spoke with Danny, the price of the car on the internet was raised $500 to $5,499. I spoke with Danny and apologized for bothering him on his off day but wanted to know why the price was raised and he replied that maybe some work was done to the car. I told him that seemed kind of “shifty” to raise the price the day after we negotiated on the phone. He said he would call me the next day and let me know what was going on. The day after arrived and after no call from Danny by 2:30pm I called the dealer and asked to speak with a Sales Manager. The receptionist asked why and I stated that I had a problem with one of the salesmen. Imagine what she said next…no sales managers were available. She transferred me to one of their voicemails but the voicemail said it wasn’t set up or something weird and I couldn’t leave a message. I called back 30 minutes later and guess what? Still no sales managers were available. I sent a message through their website stating what was going on and I suddenly get a call from Danny. He stated he was busy all day with other customers and that the reason the price of the Jeep had been raised was due to the fact that they had done body work on the bumper. I do remember seeing a dent on the bumper in the pictures so I believed his story and we set up a meeting in an hour for me to see the Jeep. When I got to the dealership and looked at the Jeep (it was really dirty outside and had dead bugs on the passenger seat which my wife didn’t like), it looked really clean for a 13 year old vehicle. When the salesman tried to open the doors with unlock button on the driver door (because the remote supposedly had a dead battery) the driver’s side rear door made a weird noise and wouldn’t open. When we got in, their was a service engine light on which he claimed was that the vehicle just needed an oil change which they had already performed. He then went on to say that they can’t erase codes from other vehicles (they are are a Nissan/Mazda/Volkswagon dealer). We drove it and it rode nice. We went back to the dealership and started negotiating. Danny went to his sales manager and came back and said we had to come up with $3,500 down because our credit was so bad that they were going to have to add a miscellaneous $998 fee so that they could make money on the vehicle since the price we were financing was so low. This was $1,000 more than he said I would have to come up with just two days prior. They also wanted $289 a month for 24 months. When I added up all this it came out to $10,400+ for a vehicle that was originally listed at $4,999. Even after they supposedly did work the price was only $5,499. They wanted almost double for the vehicle because they felt people with bad credit will take any deal. I said “no” and all of a sudden they only needed $3,000 down. I said “no” again and we left. I will never go back to this dealer and will never recommend this dealer. At my workplace we have four vehicles we bought from this dealer and I will try my best to make sure my employer never buys again from this dealer. I hope it was worth it to them to try and make another $1,000 or $2,000 from me. Now they have potentially lost a lot more business than they thought. Thanks for great experience Autobarn!

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