Autobility Frederucksburg va

Autobility Frederucksburg va

Autobility Frederucksburg va Betty rip off artist. knowingly lied about warranty sold acar that was over 3000$ more than blue book value. Internet!!. This company were relentless at collecting weekly payments that.always varied in price. They put a tracking system on the car that required a code after you pay for it to run. The system messed up the car wiring n they wouldn’t fix it. Knowingly charged us 3000$ more for a 99 Cadillac deville with 160+ thousands miles. We moved out of state n they made us drive all the way back to them to finish the paperwork when they could have just faxed it. This company is a rip off and Betty is the leader all the sales associates that work for autobility knowingly lie and do not Care. They are a rip off trust me take your money else where.

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