autodrive1 recanted the loan after all paperwork signed and approved , Internet!!. I went to autodrive1 for a vehicle everything was all set with the loan all papers were signed, we went there several times to see if the vehicle was ready. on 11/18/12 we met with the owner of autodrive1 and he gave us a compensation for all the trouble we have endured which was he would make the first two payments to the bank. We shook hands on this deal. On 11/20/12 we arrived at autodrive1 to get the vehicle which was finally ready. so we told them that we had a check and they said that they did not take checks so I said ok I will be back in the am with the cash. that’s when all hell broke loose andrew the sales manager came out of the office and started stating that he was not doing the deal the owner had made with us also he then began swearing at my wife saying that she was no good and calling her a liar. So we started giving it back to him swearing at him and stated that his father in law (the owner) was not a man of his word. so the same night we get home and I call autodrive1 to be a man and appogize for what was said. so on 11/21/12 im getting ready to leave the house to go to autodrive1 the phone rings so I answer it and its autodrive1. They start telling me that they are recanting the loan that is already approved, singed,and everything. the loan officer wlecomed me to their frim and asked how I liked the vehicle I told them that I don’t have possession of the vehicle that autodrive1 recanted on the loan because of a fight the night before. The loan officer stated that autodrive1 cannot do that. so I have a loan on the vehicle insurance on the vehicle but no vehicle in my possession. my first due date is on 12/08/12. this place already got their money from the bank for the vehicle and im out a vehicle , time and money. I want my vehicle

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Ace Auto Inc

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I ordered 3 bottles of Renew, 1 Shampoo, and 1Conditioner. I only received the items on the invoice. The bottles were NOT “sealed&

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