Autofair Hyundai

Autofair Hyundai

Autofair Hyundai Car failed in less than 50 miles and 24 hours manchester New Hampshire!!. I bought a used car from Autofair after 3 hours of them holding my car keys and pressuring me, The terms were finally ok but they really pressured me to buy a $2300 service plan. I know 5 other people who have bought these plans and they basicslly cover nothing and you are essentially paying the price for a new transmission without getting it! So i had the car for 24 hours and it sputtered and had a bad shake on the front end. The sales rep,Mike, said that “they had worked very very hard to clean the car” and there was adhesive and tree sap on it as well as coffee cup holder stains. I called to cancel the loan and then they offered to repair the car. I said i did not have confidence in a car fro $8000 which needed repsirs within 24 hours and that i felt the mechanics did not test drive properly after doing repairs. I am told that high school kids work in the service dept. They offered to “make it right” but after that i heard nothing back from them other than trying to sell me new cars at the regular rates. I know 6 ppl who have had horrendous experiences with Autofair, including misrepresenting financing or finance terms. I also heard the finance manager at Autofair discussing one potential customer’s bankruptcy on their credit report out in the open for all to hear. In addition, Autofair retains copies of driver licenses, registrations etc. reportedly for “audit records’.

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