Autohype LLC

Autohype LLC

Autohype LLC THEY SELL LEMONS Provo Utah!!. “Autohype” turns out to be all but hype. I asked before the car was delivered if it was mechanically sound. Of course I was told it was and it was inspected blah blah. 24 hours later the car overheats. It has electrical issues, motor fans are both busted, air compresser is shot. They took full advantage of my situation and are flat out dishonest. I’m a single mom and they were nice enough to sell me a lemon. I tried to work out a reasonable arrangement with the “dealership” either they cough up $500 to cover at least part of the repairs needed to have a functional vehicle or let me do an even swap for something else, but he went from oh we’ll work something out to no reply. So now I get to go after them in a civil suit for false advertising. In addition their paperwork was a mess. Title wasn’t signed over, paperwork was missing. Completely unprofessional and a nightmare. They have absolutely no clue what they’re doing. I had to call them over and over from the DMV just to register the junk car. I was patient and it’s now been a week since I was told I’d get a response. Their loss honestly. I’ll be sure everyone that googles their name sees the truth. They’re not a dealership at all. Just a group of guys on Facebook padding their reviews. Too bad. I would’ve been a loyal cash paying customer.

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