Autoland Autoland of Sprindfield New Jersey refuse to service my new 2017 Jeep Wrangler springfield New Jersey!!. I leased a 2019 Jeep Wrangler on july 27 2019 and since i brought the truck home nothing but problem the both rear back tires makes a loud squeaking and thuping noise all the time no stop brought it to the autoland service dept 8/5/17 he said it as to be grease up the brake pads the annoying noise and thumping was still their i gave it a week brought it back to service dept on 8/17/17 they said it normmal i told them its not normal i know alot of my friends that have the jeep wrangler and its very little the noise on their jeep so bringing it back on 8/17/17 after taken off of work for the 2nd time after i told me its not normal he said ill shave the rotors down after they did that the service person come to me and said it really a issue and they couldnt figure out what was wrong so service person name Danny told me he is putting a ticket in and will call the manfacturer on 88/18/17 i called because i never got a call back about this issue speaking to Danny at service dept he told me he just got off the phone with Manfacturer and i can drop my jeep off on monday 8/21/17 and a loaner car will be ready for me free of charge going their 8/21/17 when Danny from service told me to bring the jeep in and the jeep will be at the service dept for a few days and my loaner car free of charge will be ready for me so0 taking the 3rd off of work going to autoland in springfield danny is off and the manager Alan told me i couldnt bring my jeep in and that danny from service didnt tell me to bring it in becausethe chrysler engineer wasnt coming to look at my jeep me and the manager got into words and he told me take my truck and leave and that (ALAN) MANAGER at service dept wasnt interested in serving my jeep will they was quick tomake a deal but now dont wht to service my brand new jeep this serive dept is a mess they know nothing about fixing anything and are rude and dont care at all about their customers so i have a brand new jeep that i cant even enjoy driving the noise is horrible i know jeep would have some noise but not like this so embrassed to drive this new jeep i was disrespected by Alan the Manager at AUTIOLAND IN SPRINGFIELD what a piece of garbage all the service person at autoland are BEWARE DONT BUY A VECHILE FROM AUTOLAND IN SPRINGFIELD NJ AND DONT GET IT SERVIVE AT AUTOLAND IN SPRINGFIELD NJ BEWARE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX ANYTHING THATS WHY HE TOLD ME HE IS BNOT INTERESTED IN FIXING MY JEEP (ISSUE) BEWAR!!!!!!!

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