Autoloss Great company – Until you ask for a refund Clackamas Oregon!!. To be fair, Autoloss did a lot of work on my behalf. They came up with a professional and accurate statement of loss. They responded to all of my e-mails quickly. They sent all of the paperwork to State Farm on my behalf. They answered all of my questions within a day or two. They were able to get my co-worker a $9,000 settlement from her insurance company on her crash. They did everything they said they would do and were great to work with… until they weren’t. Unfortunately, State Farm refused to play ball and neither of us were able to get State Farm to agree to give a settlement. Which is OK. We knew that might happen. And, Autoloss promises a refund you can’t recoup from the insurance company. That’s why I went with them in the first place. They keep the $250 if I get a settlement – I get it back if I meet all their requirements and can’t get a settlement from insurance. Sounds like an amazing deal…. except I can’t give them to refund me!On 12/5/16, I got an e-mail from support saying “I have pulled your file for a formal refund review. Thanks for sending this, Tyler. I will have an updated for you in 24-48 hours. Erik LeaSupport Team“I never heard back from them after that. So on 12/22/16 I e-mailed back. He said “I will be sure to ask my boss for an update on your file. I submitted my formal review to her for approval.”Still no response after that. So, I e-mailed Monica, the owner. She said I didn’t get the refund approval because I didn’t meet the requirements to get one. The requirements are: send an e-mail asking for one (I did…), confirm my address (they have had that the whole time) and tell them how much I paid them (How do they not have that info?) Obvious diversion tactics. She said the refund requirements are available on her web site so I should have known. Why would I go to their web site when their employee told me he was working on it for me?Regardless, I met their requirements and got an e-mail from Monica on January 5th saying I’d have the refund in 30 to 90 days. Counting today, it’s now been 106 days and no check. I e-mailed Monica April 11th and she said the check had been mailed. They’re based in Portland. I live in Portland. If the check had truly been mailed, I’d have it by now. Traffic is really bad in Portland, but it should be here by now.This company is awesome to work with…. until you ask for a refund. Then, good luck!

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