automax they sell lemons Arlington Texas!!. I bought a 2005 keep liberty and I didn’t have it a full day and had to have it towed back to dealer cuz it would not move. I told them there was something wrong with the front end and took them forever to fix it and still have problems with it and wouldn’t give me a rental car and I still have problems with it at the front drive shaft was broke and had four different tires on it that was bad then I had my mechanic check out the vehicle he told me it was unsafe to drive due to the front and was so bad and he gave me more bad news that there was a lot of repairs need to be done to the truck over $5,000 .I could barely make the payments due to all the problems I had and I told him the first day that had problems that I wanted to take it back and get my truck that I traded in . they told me know which is very rude. I had to pay for a rental car when they are fixing mine which was very disrespectful that had to pay out of pocket because of their mistake. I told him that I wouldn’t make payments unless they fix all the problems with the car. I even had a radiator leak in the AC didn’t work this truck was just a lemon and I am very upset. so I’ll probably be taking them to court and suing them for my money back and my vehicle. they made me pay at a tow company $100 to get my stuff out of the truck and that is a rip off and they try to steal my U-Haul hitch off my truck. they still have suck some tow truck put it in his truck claiming to be his .I am very unhappy with this dealership I recommend Nobody by there

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Beware: when signing up for their five day free trial, it is unclear that you will be charged $34.95 if you do not cancel in the five.

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