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I cannot begin to tell you the damage and hell this guy has caused our family. If you are reading these words please I plead with you to do your research about this guy Darren Flint as he changes his company names every few years when enough victims come forward. When we made our orginal complaint to Mr. Flint about where are wiring harness he was hired to restore was he became irate despite 60 days passing and spent 3 + months and around 50 emails berating me and my family. Some of the letters were so theatening that the West Valley police department finally had to directly intervene. He threatened to stalk me and my wife, my parents, threatened me with a gun and went so far as to create a fake real estate would be buyer client as I am a broker in an attempt-which worked!-to lure me to a fake showing of a property. He even purchased my own name domain name and went about creating an entire hate page about me. I spent months with the State of Utah in order to finally obtain some justice as he was formally found for multiple citation counts and ordered to pay restitution. If you have been a victim of this man or would like copies of the threat letters he sent my family please contact us and we will provide them providing you are validated through our attorney as a bona fide victim. Be very careful when dealing with this person. I believe he is capable of significant violence and it is not a matter of if but when he harms someone. We now have a lenghty circuit court case we are prosecuting and I can only hope that I reach someone else before they fall victim to this man.

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