Automotive Engineering, Mike

Automotive Engineering, Mike

Automotive Engineering, Mike 7.3 PSD engine long block Denver, Westminster Colorado!!. He offered too rebuild a long block for my slightly modified 2000 7.3 PSD. It took a few days longer than discussed, but no initial concern, I thought he reused the oem block and heads. Once I got the truck back and unwrapped the long block, not my original engine, and the heads still had the old injector cups installed. When questioned, he said they were fine. I reassembled using previous accessories, all working condition. Truck started rough, but figured it might for a the first few runs. The rough starts and excessive smoke continued for several weeks. Having owned the truck 15+ years and been involved in diesel engine performance, I ran multiple diagnostics and tuning verifications. Being convinced by AE the engine build was not the issue, I progressively replaced the tuning, the injectors, the complete wiring harness, HPOP, turbo, and all sensors. After several additional shops and mechanics diagnosis, I decided to check cylinder compression. I found cylinders 1,3, and 5 between 200-290 psi. I stopped after 3 cylinders, frustrated and NOT happy. Less than a year since the rebuild, and under 2k miles, I returned my truck to AE. He said it might be a see in till he got to it. After 3 weeks of no call back I called them and was told maybe next week. Then calling two weeks later, got another notice it would be another week. After 6-7 calls over 11 weeks, I drove down and picked my truck up. As I asked for the keys, he complied and actually had the nerve to say he was going to get to it the next week. Seriously? The interior was dirty and greasy from someone climbing in/out. There were jumper cables in the back, that they quickly recovered and mentioned they used the truck to jump other vehicles. I looked under the hood, my battery cables were knarled terrible. I talked with a couple more performance folks and the poor compression could only be explained by a poor rebuild or no rebuild. There was speculation by several sources that the engine now in my truck had never been rebuilt, just someone else’s old engine with a new oil pan and paint. Over the course of owning the truck, I invested $25k+ in mods. Now having spent over $18k for this rebuild and the truck still not running right, I’m forced to trade my pride and joy truck off on another truck. Trusting Automotive Engineering was an expensive mistake. This was further exacerbated by his lack of warranty support.

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