Automotive Performance Warranty

Automotive Performance Warranty

This guy Felix coreano who owns this con business is a con artist. He hides behind the going to church and being a good Christian thing in order to gain leverage and slither out of sticky situations with his angry customers. He will sell a warranty on any piece of junk car with no pre inspection. He basically runs his business “hoping” that he sells more warranties than claim pay outs so he has money. You know when he’s too broke to pay out claims when he shows up at one of the dealerships that he deals with at 6 a.m. When he knows full well they don’t open until 10 a.m. Because he’s that desperate for money. And then he will slither in the dealership and start making small talk with everyone flashing his home shopping network watches and yuppiesh outfits that he copied from this months GQ cover. I used to work at a dealership in wilmington that also had a shop where we did repairs, I know this guy, he is a night mare. He will tell customers things like he has a printing division, claims dept, situation room, executive suite, etc…. Like his company is in some big building when in reality it’s at his house. He just makes up names of people and gives them fake job titles to give the impression that he’s employing 30 people. In reality it’s just one guy that helps him and he sounds dumber than a box of rocks when your on the phone with him. The only thing he knows about cars is what is written on their warranty paperwork. one guy that I talked to this past summer that works there told me that he offered a former employee money to shave his back! And he also told me that he does nothing but yell when he is there. This guy is such a sleeze ball that everyone should know what they are getting into before buying a crappy warranty from Automotive Performance Warranty International, APW. The name sounds so illustrious doesn’t it? He’s a sleezy night mare

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  1. Bee Stoltzfus
    December 3, 2020

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