Automotive Scientific Inc.

Automotive Scientific Inc.

Until this Lying Business Gives Me Back My $802.53 I will Continue To Spread The Word About This Horrible Business & The Liers That Work For It! | HORRIBLE BUSINESS TO WORK WITH>>>>> Make sure to check the BBB for all the complaints. I WANT MY MONEY BACK Mr. Don Messina (CEO) | Filed against : | Automotive Scientific, Inc. | 5168 Highway 11 West | Rogersville TN 37857 | Complaint Description: | Nothing But Liers & now holding $802.53 of my money On 12/30/2015 I called and spoke to a man named *”Will”*. Several times while speaking to this person I told him how fast I needed the ECM and he told me time and time again the item was in stock and would ship the same day. He also said “if its not in stock here we will ship from our Florida location at the latest in the morning” (that would be 12/31/2015). | I told him I could just come pick it up in Rogersville as its only about an hour away and after being insured it would ship on 12/30/2015 I decided its only a one day ship time so I agreed. | On 1/04/2016 I called and spoke with a guy that said he was the manager and was told it didnt ship on 12/30 and wouldn’t have shipped on 12/31/2015 because they weren’t open to ship. The “manager” then said he checked and it had just come off the tester (Monday 1/4/16) and if it made the truck it would ship today or tomorrow at the latest (Tuesday 1/5/16). | On 01/06/2016 I called to cancel the order when the lady that answered told me to hold then got back on the phone and said “the manager said he told you the item would ship toad or tomorrow”. I told her that was a lie because he said that Monday 1/4/2016. I then told here to refund all my money because they are nothing but liers and I needed this part. The lady then informed me that “our return policy is that they will refund in about 30 days”. I told her that was crap because they took my money before we were even off the phone and this was not a “return” but a refund for being lied to. The lady then hung up on me. I want every cent of my money back from order 4538 $802.53 . If you dont have the item or couldn’t ship there is no reason to lie to people and hold their money as some kind of ransom. | I have filed fraud complaints with the BBB, The bank and the credit card service because these people are now holding money they lied to obtane and wont refund it.

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  1. Sanjuana Reuben
    June 16, 2020

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