AutoNation Buick GMC

AutoNation Buick GMC

AutoNation Buick GMC AutoNation Buick GMC Henderson 60 Day used car warranty means absolutely nothing, would not fix safety hazard Henderson Nevada!!. I bought a 2008 used Land Rover LR2 from this dealer ship last month. They told me it had a 60 day warranty on it. I had owned it for about a week when I first discovered the back door on the passenger side could not be opened from the inside. This is a hazardous issue, in case there was a need for a passenger to escape the vehicle in a hurry. I also found that when the air conditioner was running , there was a constant noise under the glove box area that sounded like a small dog barking. This was very irritating unless you kept the radio or cd player on. I took it to the dealer service department where they looked at it and said they would check with warranty and gave me an appointment to bring it in the following Tuesday. The used car manager saw the problem with the door and said they would take care of it. I brought the car back the following Tuesday and left it with them for repair. The dealer called me 2 days later and said the warranty wouldn’t cover it and it would be $605 for them to fix it. I told them to not do anything and that I would pick it up. They were then going to charge me $206 for the mechanics time, but ended up dropping the charges after I complained. In a nut shell, they caused me to drive three 70 mile round trips to their dealeship for nothing, They gave me a 60 day used car warranty, which they did not honor, they promised they would take care of the door problem, which is a safety hazard, but they did not, the air conditioner still makes noise , which I will have to live with for a while. I would not purchase from or recommend this dealer to anyone. The salesman d**k Wellon was a good guy and did all he could do. The problem was with the general manager and the used car manager not living up to what was promised me.

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