Autonation Fiat North Phoenix

Autonation Fiat North Phoenix Review

Report Filed: Autonation Fiat North Phoenix Sold me a Lemon phoenix Arizona!!

Purchased car 10-05-15 from Autonation Fiat North Phoenix Vin – ZFBCFADH6EZ002956 10-08-15 Had low tire pressure light on and took back for hesitation when I would accelerate and it got stuck in 2nd gear, had to have it towed back. They said battery was dead. Said tires are fine. Had it 1 week. 10-26-15 Contacted FCA about problems, got an email and said take back to AutoNation 11-2-15 Wrote to Manager of my concerns. Shifting and accelerating and hesitation and the tires keep getting low would not fix. Took too Discount tire and they said all tires are disintegrating on the edges on all original tires. 11-09-15 Back same problem, transmission shifting bad, jerking in and out of gear on acceleration. Had car 21 days and said no problem. 11-13-15 Called FCA about problems, got no response. Got one email said take back to AutoNation 11-23-15 Keeps hesitating on acceleration and the airbag warning light came on, didnu2019t think anything. 11-29-15 Wrote to service manager again getting concerned about my car havenu2019t heard from them. Decided that no one will do anything about fixing my car so I thought I would just drive it until it died. Car kept accelerating in a parking lot when I had the break on, almost smashed into a car and had to shut it off to stop. 1-15-16 Called FCA and got another got an email again saying take back to AutoNation. 2-15-16 Finally had to take into AutoNation got so bad I didnu2019t feel safe. Had it for 14 days and said no codes and no problems. 3-01-16 Called FCA again trying to get help on the car. I wasnu2019t feeling safe. Never hear back then called said take back to AutoNation 3-25-16 Found recall on my care and told AutoNation about it and they said it was fixed. 6-13-16 I didnu2019t know what else to do so I contacted Lemon Law Group Took case and never heard from them but a letter saying they wanted to close case. Never got case number just an email. 6-28-16 Called FCA again wouldnu2019t do anything but say take to AutoNation 7-01-16 Called FCA again 7-07-16 Again called FCA After all this I just drove it until the problems got so bad. 7-15-16 Took back to AutoNation car was getting bad, Airbag warning, hesitating every corner and the just take off fast, transmission would kick when I stop, Low tire light And seat broke. Had car for 7 days. 7-25-16 Called FCA again because no one would call me back about these problems. 7-27-16 One more call twice to FCA and again no response 8-03-16 Decided to take to another Dealership . They drove found saw the problems and did something to computer 30 min. Was a little better for 2 weeks then back to same problems 8-14-16 Filed a complaint with BBB 8-10-16 Filed a complaint with The Arizona Attorney General 9-08-16 Took back to other dealer and they said no code and no problems and said there is nothing more we can do. 9-23-16 Driving into Home Depot parking lot and breaks lock and wouldnu2019t stop.ABS locked up and then died and couldnu2019t get started for 10 minutes. I came 1 foot of hitting the person in front of me. 9-26-16 Took back to AutoNation one last time for the Airbag warning and the breaks failing. Told them again about tires. Service adviser drove it around the lot. Said if it happens again bring it in. Didnu2019t hook up to test or anything. The airbag warning has come on 5 or 6 different times. I donu2019t feel safe in the car. I have gone through so much with this and nothing. I have documents on paper that I can send through mail or if you want me to scan I can but itu2019s a lot of documents. I also can fax them if you like. Thank You

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