AUTONATION FORD JACKSONVILLE EVERYONE EMPLOYED THERE! Sold a new car to me with defects hard to see and I have never had to inspect a new car to find them. Jacksonville Florida!!. Bought a 2019 Ford Mustang GT Premium they had brought from Fort Lauderdale dealership. It was a great looking car, I just did not feel the need to inspect a new car for defects. First of all, the Fort Lauderdale dealership is 300 miles from the Jacksonville dealership and there was 400 miles on the odometer. They claimed it was driven from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville with 0 miles on the odometer. After the deal was made they have you sign a form saying basically you are going to buy the car, but then you are walked to the finance manager and he sells the warranties. I am a disabled veteran and just had to retire from postal service on disability and did not realize I would not need to drive very much anymore but I went for some of the warranties. After I took posession of the car I noticed there were gauges in the rims, and I fought to have them fixed, thankfully I has awarranty that covered tires and rims but this is a BRAND NEW CAR! There were also 2 small dents above the drivers door that I didn’t notice I also had to have fixed. The last thing is a very messy job of paint in the door jams, not noticed when the doors are shut but again, this is a BRAND NEW CAR! All of these things wrong with a new car? Something is not right. I know I can’t give the car back, and they didn’t treat me well after I took posession of the car, and after the rims were fixed, and the dents fixed, I don’t think they are going to paint the door jams properly. I never got a I.O.U paper all the other dealers give you, just a “oh, it’s a new car, we’ll take care of it” good ole’ boy type of talk. I even noticed the gauges in one of the rims but I just believed they would trat me right. Now I want to sell back my warranties and I have called no less than 3 or 4 times and nobody ever calls me back. I had an appointment one time I was able to talk to Rob in finance, but I live in Florida and hurricane Irma was on the way and I had to get my house ready. Like I said I am on disability so I can’t work hard and fast like I used to, and I called them to let them know I couldn’t make the appointment. I have ALWAYS bought Toyota/Lexis cars and I wanted to support the American economy so I bought a Ford, but I will NEVER buy another Ford and I am even scared to buy any other American car after this experience. I’ve had the car 1 year now and I want to sell it already. 1 year old and 2,000 miles on it and I just can’t stand it. I even upgraded the spoiler and when I took the old spoiler off it wasn’t just a few holes in the trunk lid, it was dents everywhere. I don’t understand why the American car dealerships cant treat their customers like Toyota/Lexis, it makes you want to buy cars from them, but I am never buying another American made car again. EVER.



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