AutoNation Illegal Practices

AutoNation Illegal Practices

AutoNation Illegal Practices I have a car with serious transmission and engine issues Timonium, MD Nationwide!!. purchased my car in November of 2019 and since Iu2019ve purchased my car I have had one issue after the next with my vehicle. My salesman, whom I wonu2019t mention here, was fully aware of my family medical situations, which are and still remain, my disability but also having sick parents and needing a reliable vehicle. One of the hardest decisions that I had to make was hospice, either home hospice or to remain within the hospital. We had to weigh our options. The most pressing reason why my family and I chose home hospice was mainly due to the car situation. Sadly, my dad passed away on March 30, 2017. Even though I was going through pure hell with AutoNation I still had to take care of my who was already very ill and my vehicle became worse after my dad passed. Every time that I called AutoNation 60 E. Padonia Rd.Timonium, Maryland 21093, I was given one excuse after the next. Call back Wendy is on break, call back next week Wendy is on vacation. One time they told me to bring the car in. I told them when she breaks down, who covers the tow for 189 miles. I canu2019t risk my life knowing that my car not wonu2019t make it, it barely runs. Itu2019s 189 miles from my home to AutoNation. I believe that this is why they are treating me like this, well at least part of the reason. Because my vehicle seemed to be possessed by some demon, my car still sits in my driveway more than I drive it. My sister who has 4 children mind you, had to take me where I needed to go. In May of this year 2017, I had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital and put on heart medication and something for anxiety. Per my doctor, this is all due to the stress. I told him what is going on and he told me that if I want to put myself into an early grave to continue messing with that car. He advised me to get rid of the car and I told him that I was trying too.

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