Autonation Nissan

Autonation Nissan

Autonation Nissan Autonation Nissan in Clearwater , Florida sold me what was to be a brand Nissan Pathfinder to find out Nissan shows it as branded meaning (accident totalled vehicle) & I have issue now with warranty due to the fact it shows up as a (branded) vehicle.clearwater Florida!!. Autonation Nissan Manager (Jason) car Dealer can not explain why a brand new vehicle I purchased from them shows as a branded vehicle that Nissan will not accept a warranty on a brand new pathfinder that should be under warranty. I called Nissan Motors and Talked with (jessica) 615-725-7758 and she promised to look into this a over a month ago, Yet Nissan motors service dept. keeps telling me the vehicle still shows it is a branded vehicle by Nissan motors. I tried getting jessica of customer service at Nissan motors the last 2 weeks and so far no reply back concening who sold new branded pathfinder when I was told it was a brand new vehicle. No one so far has given me any answers why my brand new $35,000 pathfinder keeps coming up as a totalled out vehicle. The car fax shows some strange stuff at it also, shows it at dealer in clearwater then at dealer in orlando and back to dealer in clearwater few week later. Something strange, plus car fax shows a air bag sensor was placed in vehicle before I purchase it as what to be brand new from factory. Some one is pulling a scam on me since no one has yet to come up why it is in Nissan Motors System showing it is a BRANDED VEHICLE. ot I purhased a brand new Pathfinder Suv from Autonation Nissan on highway 19 in Clearwater, Florida. They told me it was a brand new from factory vehicle. On taking it for the first service I was was told by service they could not do the warranty because Nissan Motors shows my vehicle as (Branded) meaning a totalled out vehicle at one point. Car fax has some strange stuff also, shows it was at dealer in clearwater then went to dealer in Orlando, Fl and few weeks later back to Clearwater dealer. No seems to know why that is on car fax. The Autonation Nissan dealer manager (jason) had no clue why there were these issues, so I called Nissan Motors and talked to (jessica) customer service rep. 615-725-7758 and she said she would get to the bottom of this over a month ago, yet as of today Nissan Motors system for service still shows the vehicle as Branded and each time this happens I am refused warranty work. I have tried calling Jessica At Nissan motors customer service and I left 7 messgaes in last 2 weeks and so far no reply back from them. Seems like I am getting scammed with fraud. No has has stated sorry for all my issues I am having on what was to be a Brand New Nissan Pathfinder no owner before me, and the dealership told me it was a brand new vehicle, yet no can explain why I am having issues getting Nissan Motors system to warranty the vehicle without issues. On my last visit to other dealership service at New Port Richey Nissan on U S hwy 19 New Port Richey they did warranty work after talking to Nissan Motors to get a approval after I bitched about it, But the manager did state it still shows as a branded suv pathfinder in Nissan Motors new service system. I was planning to purchase another Nissan vehicle , but not after dealing with this, and at this point it seems as I am going to have to sue both Autonation Nissan dealership in clearwater, florida and Nissan Motors themself to find out why my brand new Nissan Pathfinder shows it was a totalled out vehicle (Branded) I have been trying to get this corrected over a year now.

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