Autonet of Dallas Texas

Autonet of Dallas Texas

Autonet of Dallas Texas Joey Was my Salesperson. Sold Me An Unsafe, Dangerous Vehicle. Dallas Internet!!. I bought a 2008 BMW 750i from a lyeing, dishonest salesperson named Joey Lopez. I asked him was the car mechanically sound and he assured me that it was. Big mistake on my part believing this. I had my bank wire the money for the car and it was delivered on 7/6/2019 by Hanover transportation. Immediately upon getting in the car every light on the cars dash was lighting up. ABS system failure, power sterring failure, check engine light and all types of other sensors going off. I could hardly steer the car to the Meinike shop here in Wallingford Connecticut. When it did get there they informed me that the brakes, rotors, ABS sensors, power steering system including the pump, traction control system were completely no good. All the fluids were wrong, dirty or low and It would cost me $3,112.00 to get the car together. It was so much stuff to fix they couldn’t do it all in one day and kept it overnight. I got the car back on 7/8/2019 and they told me I would have to bring the car back for the rest of the work. I brought it back on the 11th for the ABS sensors and power steering system to be replaced. This is another $3,000.00 to get this fixed. I understand when you buy a used car as is, there may be some things wrong with it. But to sell a disabled veteran a dangerous car is the lowest of the low. I have no car as I write this letter. I’m here to let you know that Autonet of Dallas is a rip off,scam company that abuses veterans, women and the disadvantaged. Joey Lopez is a lyeing piece of filth who when I called him upon delivery of my vehicle stated” no lights were on when it left here, the transport company must have done simething”. Accusing the transport company now is just as low as selling me a dangerous car. Stay away from this dealership and any rebuttals on their part is all part of their scams. They have fake good reviews from people that work for them. All they do is scam people and I hope the Texas DMV pulls their license permanently to keep this from happening to anyone else.

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