Autonet Autonet Dallas Used Car Ripoff / Fraudulent Inspections Dallas Texas!!. BUYER BEWARE!!!!The sales staff at Autonet are total crooks, dishonest, uncaring and some are probably here illegally! My son just returned from Basic Military Training and Advanced Training. For months he trained to become a Soldier and buy himself a car. He found a car he liked at Autonet. We went and bought it on Monday evening with a two year “Cars Warranty”. We returned Tuesday morning when they opened at 9am because the check engine light came on during the trip home, and the transmission skipped gears badly. Also told them the fluid levels needed to be filled, after more than an hour of waiting their mechanic told the staff (everything was fixed) would not speak to us because he doesn’t speak English. On the way home the check engine light came on again, the transmission started slipping again. We took the car to Kia off Arlington (where it stayed until Friday) and paid $125.00 for an estimate to find out what was going on. Imagine our surprise that the vehicle had numerous problems, errror codes and had extensive flood damage, the ECM, TCM and wiring was rusting, etc. and the cost would be about $6,000 to replace the wiring and transmission. A Come to findout that AUTONETS non-English speaking mechanic only reset the system electronically so that the car would drive the about 20 miles before the onboard only to have the problems start all over again. Needless to say, we have called George who lied and said he was only a sales guy and could not do anything (he’s the Sales Manager and part owner). We spoke to Roger who said George forwards his phone to him, and lastly I spoke to Joey, then Monica who said they we need to go to their mechanic because Kia is ripping us off………… I have pictures of the water damage, the receipt and error codes from Kia in Arlington as proof ( if anyone would like them). So reluctantly we wentt to their “mechanic” in Irving, Mohammed who runs a licensed State Inspection station. He had me take pictures of the same diagnostics that i got from Kia of Arlington. Told me that the vehicle is unsafe and that it would not pass state inspection. I tried calling AUTONET who was now avoiding my calls (phone rang and rang), here is where things really got weird. I asked Mohammed (AUTONETs Mechanic) to try calling them from his phone/shop as no one is anwering my phone call- he looked at me and said he doesnt have their number. How does “YOUR MECHANIC” not have your number…I offered him the number i had been calling, watched him dial it and they picked up after the second ring. Immediately they started speaking Spanish then the mechanic walked to the end of the shop away from me. He came back moments later and told me that hes done what he can and i should talk to Autonet. So we left there and went the 11 miles to AUTONET. We showed up, went inside and as soon as I shook hands with Monica and announced who I was, she quickly withdrew her hand and left down the hall of the building. At the same time Joey, I assume started screaming at me to get out of the store, we are not welcome, have no business, how dare I, then started calling other salesman to get me out of the store. I remained calm and told them if any one touches me or my family that i am calling the police and filing assault charges. (My granddaughters recorded the exchange between myself and the beligerent Joey). He said he was calling the police, none ever showed up or contacted me, even though i continued to stay and even sat in the parking lot warning another customer to beware. We finally left reluctantly because the situation is not going anywhere. Later that night I got a text message from an unknown number (suspect it may be the beligerent Joey) that ended up being threatening. (Also proof of how they treat customers). I have already told all my Soldiers and their families in Texas to STAY AWAY from this place, filed a complaint with the BBB Case # 91442188, DMV HQ in Austin, Enforcement Division for investigation (how can you sell a car with Temp Tags pending permanent tags that wont pass inspection- FRAUD). And cancelled the Warranty under Texas Law (not applicable to FLOOD vehicles). Seems my post is like many before me, we s should have researched this place before hand.

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