Autoplicity & THMotorsports

Autoplicity & THMotorsports

Autoplicity & THMotorsports THMotorsports Agressively market auto parts by Undercutting competitor pricing. Hold customer money after purchase then refuse order claiming parts are not available at manufacturer. Continue to hold money then cancel orders eventually but in all cases customer never gets parts while at same time delay order to collect interest Chicago Illinois!!. My experience with a pair of “shady” online sellers called AUTOPLICITY and THMotorsports. So, I got my tax return and I’m ordering a ton of parts. As I progress in the realm of shopping for “more performance” (on a reasonable budget), I “amass” deliveries of cool stuff: an Limited Slip Diff, bottom end (engine parts) components (forged pistons, H-Beam rods, ARP bolts, King bearings…Viktor Reinz gaskets) I next embark upon top end (cylinder head valvetrain components). Naturally, I can’t pass up a deal (knowing exactly what I want), I take my part number and wittingly paste it into “Google” & pick “Shopping” and “Compare”. For valves, I search for the “holy grail”, a set of larger intake & inconel exhaust valves I find for an unheard of “Spring Sale DEAL” at Autoplicity; $223 for all 16 valves (shipped to my door). I immediately move on to my next aquisition (the matching) “Spring kit”. A website boasting a “tax season sale” and “IN STOCK NOW!” catches my eye…it’s “THMotorsports”. I am no fool, and know exactly (what I want)… (the type engine I am building and the price point). The great price is both timely & “fitting” and motivates my debit card into action. I think to myself, “those double springs, titanium keepers, and retainers will work “perfectly” with my single groove valves. Within an hour of purchase, an email greets me from Autoplicity (followed closely by THMotorsports) saying: the parts you bought would surely come, but would be drop shipped from the manufacturer. (I just forked out 550 bucks – which is fairly unheard of) for the best possible valves & springs “money can buy”)… Sound too good to be true?…keep reading…A couple days later I get an email from Autoplicity saying “the parts I ordered are “not receivable in the lead time the firms high standards allowed, or…the parts were unavailable…but rest assured, an associate representative would contact me, and may even offer… (the dreaded word) an alternative”. I immedately call the manufacturer (located in San Jose) and I explain to them “I am building”… “the engine” (which will crush all fellow competitotors) and that a vendor named “Autoplicity” was telling me “the manufacturer can’t ship”…”they are out of stock”. Armed with the part numbers I get the answer I want. “No sir…we have them”. I call Autopolicity and am greeted by a staff person who claims my order needed to be cancelled due to “a zero stock on hand notification at the manufacturer”. I countered: ” I have it from the highest authority…The manufacturer themself tells me the parts are in house”. Autoplicity requests blatently next, that a cancel order process was initiated and that I must re-order the parts; this time assuring me “staff will inform purchasing no shortage exists (based upon my research)”. I receive no refund on my cancelled order yet, but I don’t think twice about reordering the parts…as the deal was too sweet, and a staffmember assures me “the sale was still on (this was NO mistake)”. Meanwhile, I get a nearly identical email message from THMotorsports stating the spring kit parts I bought were unavailable at the manufacturer. I quick call proves that wrong yet again. If you are reading this far…read on. So, 800 dollars are spent. I have no confirmarion of shipping. A week later my purchase, with both the firms Autoplicity and THMotorsports are declining my orders and they later inform me a refund needs to be processed (a No stock situation at the manufacturer, excuse) even though I learn no such shortage exists. The said firm claim, it is between 3-5 additional business days until money is expected back. I begin by demanding to speak to supervisor(s) at each respective firm. Nobody calls me back. I recall a lower level associate making the same statement as another: our “supervisory” staff are in meetings. A supervisor director emails me but again claims “orders made will be cancelled and not honored because parts are out of stock at the manufacturer”. This is a total falacey because I already contacted the manufacturer and they inform me “the parts ARE available”. I google and ask “siri” if Autoplicity and THMotorsports are the “same” firm. The answer: “Yes they are”. They are an online storefront with identical websites (aside from different creative brand identity) called marketing to conceal being the same business (selling the same products) via two different store names. The ending to this story this: I still don’t have my money back. I had to file charge backs (as recommended by my bank). I am out almost 800 dollars, and am told to expect it back in yet another 5 to 7 days. The warning: Watch out for Autoplicity and THMotosports; they are one in the same. They will attract you with (an ubeatable price) A sale, plus free shipping, and coupon incentives (plus reminder emails) to buy quality manufactured parts (listed as being in stock). Be suspicious, if you get an email saying parts will be “drop shipped” from the manufacturer. A few days later you will get a message saying the parts are “not available” at the manufacturer but to hold on, “a staff member will call you”. Don’t be surprised a couple days go by and you haven’t heard anything”. After you finally enquire (within a day) your order will be cancelled, then followed by a week period where your money won’t be refunded yet… because (they claim) “your banking institution” takes that long; it’s not us. Where in actual fact charge backs on these two firms were recommended by my bank because even the day after a stated cancelation email, and just prior a weekend, my bank finds no reimbursement log yet. Why the tactics of this firm? I can only assume they are holding funds to collect interest. Their incentive pricing is “too good afm to pass up”. Epilogue: Did I get my parts? …you bet I did. Not from Autoplicity or THMotorsports. Am I still building a mean performance race engine? You better believe it so be ready!!

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