Autos Direct of Fredericksburg

Autos Direct of Fredericksburg

Autos Direct of Fredericksburg Autos Direct Inc False Advertising, Harassment, Threats, Unethical Business Practices, They hold your ID for hours to force you to stay! Fredericksburg Virginia!!. This is by far the most unethical and unprofessional business I have ever seen in my life. Iu2019ve been looking for some time for a used vehicle, Iu2019m very specific as to what I want and need. While on, I ran across a vehicle I might have been interested in and went to their website. Autos Direct of Fredericksburg. I noticed it was a company I had driven by multiple times on my way home. They werenu2019t like the other used car dealerships; they invested money into fancy advertising and have 2 lots. Online, you cannot get a price for any vehicle unless you inquired or applied for a loan. So, since they claimed to have over 100 vehicles under $10,000; I figured there would be one Iu2019d find. I wrote in the remarks on the loan application; u201cI am only interested in a 4X4 truck or SVU. I have 2 sons who are both well over 6 feet and they need to be comfortable in the back.u201d So, I applied on 2/3/2017. That I now know is the biggest mistake Iu2019ve ever made and worst, upon looking to file complaints, found out that everything you read below that happened to me; is just a repeat of everyone else. On 2/4/2019 at 11:57am; I received a voicemail from 540-595-0880. The message left is as follows: u201cHello Ms. April, this is Moe from Autos Direct. I have your application in front of me and it has been approved with no money down. Please call me at 540-595-0880 or come on by, itu2019s a beautiful day. Iu2019ll talk to you soon.u201d My fiancu00e9 and I stopped in and walked around their lot on 2/4/2019 at 1:20pm. After about 20 minutes, 3 white men were moving vehicles around and one asked if he could help us. We told him we were here to see Moe. He said he had gone to get lunch and would be back any minute. 20 minutes later, an older black man was walking to go back inside their office and asked if we had been helped and again, I said we were waiting for Moe. He said that Moe was inside and he would let him know, he should be right out. Apparently the first guy didnu2019t inform him. While walking back through the lot to look at some of the vehicles we were interested in, we smelt pot, strong. Thought it was coming from someone that had drove by. Another 25 minutes went by when a very tall, thin black man came out and asked if we were still waiting for Moe. We told him yes. He said he wasnu2019t sure why he hadnu2019t come out yet, heu2019d go get him. The whole time we were there, we were the ONLY customers to stay on the lot. 2 other couples drove up, looked around and left. Itu2019s now 2:28pm; still no Moe, so we left. At 3:19pm I received the 2 following text from 703-732-0462 that read, (1)u201dHey April this is Moe from Autos Direct in Fredericksburg.u201d (2)u201dCan you come by today and pick out your new car?u201d I was busy with work at this point and didnu2019t have time for this. I thought to myself, Iu2019ll just respond after Iu2019ve calmed down and have time since apparently no one told this guy I was there. On 2/7/2019 at 9:51am; I returned his text and it read, u201cSorry to just get back to you. I guess no one told you, I was there Saturday, for about an hour walking the lot. 3 different guys came out and told me youu2019d be out to help me in a minute and after about an hour, I gave up, had to be somewhere.u201d At 10:51am I then received the following text messages; u201cI am sorry.u201d u201cIu2019m going to call a meeting this morning to address this issue.u201d u201cYou should not have been waiting for a hour.u201d u201cand not one of these salesman told me you were waiting. I canu2019t believe it.u201d u201cI did have a few customers at my desk, but the def shouldu2019ve told me you were here or they shouldu2019ve helped you themselves.u201d I replied back, u201cIf I finish work early, I will stop by.u201d He responded back, u201cPlease do. We will make it up to you!u201d u201cWhat time do you get off from work Mrs. April?u201d At 10:57am, my response; u201cNo specified time. Iu2019m a web designer. Iu2019m done for the day when I finish my current project. Probably around 1 or 2.u201d Now, I caught on to him stating he had customers at his desk too, knowing this was not true. But as most used car salesmen say things to make themselves look better, I assumed that was what he was doing.u201d At 2:38pm; I showed up with my adult son and fiancu00e9. A man came out and asked if he could help us. I told him I was looking for Moe. A few minutes later, a man came out and introduced himself as Nas, the GM. He said that he called a meeting that morning to address not getting helped on Saturday and was terribly sorry for my experience. But not to worry, he will make sure this was made up. He stated that Moe was his cousin so he takes it what happened personally. He said as soon as we were done looking at the cars in the lot, to please come inside afterwards. A few minutes later, we went inside and didnu2019t see either of the guys. Another man asked us if he could help us (no other customers inside at this time) and again we said we were here to see Moe and just spoke to the GM. He pointed to Moeu2019s cubical and told us that we could sit in Moeu2019s office and someone was getting him on the phone now. We sat in the waiting area instead and my fiancu00e9 and I looked at each other questioning why he wasnu2019t there, since he knew I was coming. Finally at 3:01pm; Moe showed up and introduced himself. He again apologized for Saturday. My fiancu00e9 and I went and sat down in his cubical. He then asked who the 3 that never got him were and I described them, one of which was in the cubical beside him. That man then said, u201cHey didnu2019t I ask if you needed help?u201d I replied, u201cI told you I was here to see Moe and you told me you were getting him. You did not.u201d The Moe says, u201cI know we have the online form you filled out, but I need you to fill out the paper form so I have it signed and I also and need to copy your ID.u201d So I handed him my ID and filled out the form again. Before finishing the form, I almost walked out. Nas comes over and first asked if I like strawberries, I said no. He then said, u201cIs that your oldest son?u201d I said, u201cYes, the guy sitting in the waiting area is, heu2019s actually a twin.u201d He then says, u201cNo, I meant the guy right here.u201d I said, u201cExcuse me?u201d He says, u201cWell, if not, who is he?u201d I replied, u201cThis is my old man.u201d He then says, u201cWow man, you look so young.u201d Iu2019m thinking to myself, u201care you flirting or what?u201d Since I take pride in the fact that I donu2019t even look old enough to have 20 year olds, I find it very disrespectful to be so stupid. My fiancu00e9 was letting his beard grow, which was all gray at the time. Only of he was high would anyone be so dumb. I said, u201cThatu2019s funny. Heu2019s shaving soon, maybe then can you pull that line.u201d He then tells him, u201cNo, donu2019t shave. You look good and so young.u201d Now I know why he gets upset when guys flirt with me in front of him. He then shows me his tattoo on his finger, I also have one. When he saw mine, he saw the engagement ring and said, u201cd**n man, you got it together.u201d And actually fist pounded him. He then took my form and ID to a room with Nas and another man. At 3:35pm; Nas comes back and sits at Moeu2019s desk, Moe is standing at the entrance to the cubical. Nas says, u201cOK, here is where we areu2026u201d he then starts writing on the envelope I assume my form was in. u201cThis is your credit score.u201d I said, u201cNo sir it is not, Iu2019ve seen my credit score and there is a red flag on it because the things that are on it are NOT mine, but my ex-husbands.u201d He then said, u201cNo, no, didnu2019t see that. So the banks will give you a high percentage on your loan unless you have him (my fiancu00e9) co-sign for 5 months. Then (again writing this down) I can get you 2-11%, no money down and low payments.u201d He then looks at him and says, u201cYou love her right, so youu2019ll do this for her?u201d I then said, u201cSir, so what was the messages I received? Moe stated I was already approved and nothing down.u201d He then replied, u201cBut that was for a car, not a truck.u201d I said, u201cThat doesnu2019t make since, I specifically said I was only interested in a truck or SUV. I can go to my bank and get a car loan if I find something here and this is now an issue.u201d He then said, u201cWhat bank?u201d I said, u201cNavy Federal.u201d He says, u201cOh, thatu2019s my bank and they wonu2019t do it.u201d I said, u201cSir, they will, I have already been there. In fact, rather I leave here with a vehicle or not, I do need to be out of here by 4:45pm so we can go to our bank and get our new check cards.u201d He replied, u201cIu2019ll get out in and out by then if your man will help out. Doesnu2019t matter what his credit is or isnu2019t, thatu2019s all I need to get you in a truck today.u201d I said, u201cSir, I donu2019t like this, something seems wrong here. Either way, I would want to go to my bank and get a certified check for a down payment. I also have not seen what trucks you have to offer or even their prices.u201d He said, u201cOh no no, there is NO money down. You will be leaving soon with your new truck.u201d I said, u201cI still want to put something down.u201d He then slides an application over to my fiancu00e9 and says, u201cYou got this right?u201d I said, u201cWait, we need to talk about this first.u201d So we walked outside and did just that. We discussed that something just didnu2019t seem right. But he wanted to help so he said heu2019d do it and then we could leave and if we didnu2019t like their loan deal, we could just go to our bank and refinance.u201d This was true so at 3:44pm, we went back in and he filled out the form and handed him his ID and Nas handed me my ID back. While my fiancu00e9 and I were sitting there talking, he noticed that they had my ID for a long time. He questioned that as he said all they said they needed to f=do was copy it. Itu2019s now 4:23pm and no one has come back to us. So, at this point Iu2019m getting frustrated and walked outside to smoke. Just to find Nas out there smoking. I tried to walk past him, but he started talking to me. He said, u201cSo why do you want a truck.u201d I said, u201cWeather. I need something with a 4×4.u201d I didnu2019t really want to speak to him. Especially when no one has come back to us, but he has time to smoke? He then started talking to another man, the only other customer at the time. Iu2019m back with my fiancu00e9, itu2019s now 4:46pm and we needed to pick up our new cards. He looked around for the 2 guys. They are nowhere to be found. My fiancu00e9 said, u201cWe canu2019t leave. They have my driveru2019s license STILL.u201d We asked another man if anyone has seen them. They tell us no. We were stuck! We couldnu2019t leave and they made sure of it. I was ticked. They knew we had to go by a certain time. No one has come back to us or returned his ID. It is now 5:56pm. Finally Moe walks into the cubical. He came to get something out a bag and says, u201cHas Nas come back?u201d We said, u201cNo, and now we didnu2019t make our other appointment.u201d 6:21pm, All 3 of us walk outside and look around the lot at the trucks they do have on the lot. Just to see all the guys hovering around the corner, smoking??? Iu2019m on the phone now explaining what was going on and why Iu2019m not home yet to my youngest son. Moe comes over while Iu2019m on the phone and starts talking real loud to my fiancu00e9 saying, u201cSo, our computers have been down for awhile, we just go them back up. You guys will be out of here in minutes.u201d I had to walk away because I couldnu2019t hear my phone conversation. Iu2019m trying to figure out why in the hell this man was talking so loud. I thought maybe because 2 other families were on the lot looking around. I donu2019t know. When I got off the phone, my fiancu00e9 said, u201cI need my ID back and we need to leave.u201d I said, u201cWell, hun weu2019ve been waiting forever, whatu2019s a few more minutes?u201d He said, u201cTrust me. Can you smell that? It wasnu2019t a car going by, that smell came off him.u201d We walked back in and sat down, kept looking for Nas so we could get his ID and leave. Now itu2019s 7:02pm. Moe brings him his ID finally. Tells us, u201cDid you pick out any trucks? We finally got the computers running and are ready to you guys going.u201d He said, u201cLet us go back out and figure out which oneu2019s weu2019d be interested in.u201d Moe then follows us and every time we see one we like, he says, u201cThat one will be about $1000 a month payments. Maybe we can find you a car instead?u201d My fiancu00e9 replied, u201cNo. We made it clear what we were looking for. A car isnu2019t it.u201d We then walk back in. Once again, everyone is missing inside. We stood at the door for a good 10-15 minutes. Moe finally walks in and approaches us at the door. He said, u201cWe should have our computers up any minute.u201d He was slurring his words now, his eyes were glassy and he smelt like he was bathing in pot! I said, u201cSir, you have been saying for over an hour that your computers were back up. You held my fiancu00e9s ID for hours; not sure why, no one has bothered to say anything to us. Your cousin is nowhere to be seen. This is bad business.u201d He then says, u201cWell with your situation it takes time.u201d I said, u201cNo sir. I have no situation and it doesnu2019t take this long for anyone. Hell my mom was just across the street and brought a brand new car, was in and out in 30 minutes. Iu2019d understand and hour, but we have been here since around 2:30pm.u201d He says, u201cWell bring your mom, she must have perfect credit.u201d I said, u201cAbsolutely not. And her credit isnu2019t your business. You made me promises to get me here; your cousin then made promises to get both of usu2026u2026u201d and before my sentence was complete; he actually turned his back to us and shook his friends hand and started talking to him. So, we calmly walked right out, got in our car and left. The following morning, we hadnu2019t received any phone calls, texts, etc. My fiancu00e9 said to text the guy Moe and see whatu2019s going on. He was concerned as to why they would hold his license for so long. (we later found out that they do this to a lot of men. Sometimes over night.) At 1:46pm; I sent the following text, which started an array of showing their true colorsu2026: u201cOk since we havenu2019t heard anything from you that our assumptions were correct and we will take our business elsewhere and be sure to let our car club know what happened. Very bad business.u201d I received these responses at 1:48pm; u201cPlease if you slander my business I will take you to court.u201d u201cWe did everything we could and I put in our power to help you out.u201d u201cYou didnu2019t want to wait and stormed out of here.u201d u201cNobody told you to leave with your credit situation is going to take time to get done.u201d Yep, I was ticked at the word u201cStormedu201d as we calmly and quietly walked out. I responded: u201cNo sir, first off I have a business law degree (I have a bachelors) you should look the word up. No one stormed out, I was talking to you and your turned around and spoke to someone else in the middle of my sentence. It doesnu2019t take this long. This should have been completed last night or early this morning. You chose to ignore me. Donu2019t ever threaten me again, this is your last chance to fix the situation or I will proceed. Everything I say canu2019t be slander when itu2019s the truth. You claimed it was taking so long bc the computers were down. But you had us sitting for over an hour b4 you ever said a word. You knew we had somewhere to be. We were told w a co-signer 2-11% interest, nothing down for a truck or I had to go with a car. This is on you and if you want our business and our friends and family, you will lose the attitude and fix this.u201d He then responds at 1:59pm the following:u201dThis is my last chance?u201d u201cCome in with your mom and Iu2019ll make everything right for you. Letu2019s get you back in the driver seat.u201d u201cWhy would I not want to sell your car if you were to stay there were different options I was in a come and tell you but you left without evening saying goodbye.u201d At this point, my fiancu00e9 told me to just copy all the texts and report them. But I was pissed. I told him, u201cDonu2019t you see, this is both of them writing these texts. See the different speaking styles?u201d So I then replied, u201cYes sir, if you want all our business, you will fix this poor business relationship. You re-read the text I sent. Iu2019m not going to bring anyone else. We were told one thing and that is what is expected. Again, why would I say a word or nor stay when you turned away from me to talk to your friend? u201c I guess he didnu2019t like that I wouldnu2019t bring others to him and replied at 2:07pm; u201cPlease do not contact my phone again.u201d So My response, u201cGood! I will let everyone know how poorly you run a business and lie to customers to get them in. In fact you will see all your text online later. I guess that joint was good for you, You smelt like you were bathing in it. Do not reply, do not contact me again.u201d My fiancu00e9 was as pissed as I was by this point. Again, his biggest concern, what did they do with his ID when they held it as long as they had? Something was really wrong. He told me to call them and ask for the GM (Nas) and make sure our ID copies were getting destroyed, along with our personal information. I called, but placed it on speaker. Moe answered, I asked for the GM. He asked who this was I said, April. He then started laughing and put me on hold. Nas gets on the phone and I said, u201cI want you to know that the occurrences that happened last night and the rude and unprofessional texts from your cousin, are very unprofessional.u201d He said, u201cReally? What was wrong with it?u201d I said, u201cHe threatened me. He needs to learn what u201cslanderu201d means, and proved that Saturdays issue is an ongoing thing.u201d He then starts yelling at me and said, u201cHe didnu2019t right the d**n messages, I did. Thereu2019s nothing you can do about it because you wonu2019t be telling anyone about what happened to you. I was being nice and tried to work with you but you guys got up and stormed out of here making a scene.u201d I said, u201cExcuse me? No one made any such thing. We calmly walked out and just left after your cousin turned his back to us while we were in the middle of a conversation. I gave you a chance to fix this, apparently all you deal in is bad business.u201d He was still yelling and said, u201cLike I said, you ainu2019t going to tell anyone anything. You canu2019t prove any of this.u201d Me, u201cSir, I can. I will be more than happy to post the texts you both have sent me, post the recorded voice mails left and I had another witness w us. Again, no one STORMED out or caused a scene. Donu2019t ever tell a woman she canu2019t do something. Your threats donu2019t scare me, Iu2019d actually love to see you take me to court. But understand, I will counter with false advertisement, illegal business practices and anything else I feel is applicable to stop people like you from taking advantage of others. Now. I want to speak to the owner, as I called to make sure our info is being destroyed.u201d He then yells, u201cI am the Fu2019u2019u2019king owner.u201d I said, u201cNo sir, youu2019re not. You introduced yourself as the GM, which I believe is incorrect too. Yes, Iu2019ve already checked to see who the owner was. You had personal contact with my fiancu00e9s ID for over an hour, almost 2; it worries us as to what may have been done with it.u201d Again he yells, u201cI was watching you people the whole time. You got up from the desk and stormed out yelling and causing people to leave. Stay the hell away from our business and keep your mouth shut. Iu2019ll keep what I want.u201d My response, u201cI think you smoked why too much of that pot sir. Since you were nowhere around when we left and we were standing at the front door. But you do whatever. Like I said, Iu2019m not scared. But you will see all this online to warn people about you. Do not contact me again sir.u201d He then says, u201cIu2019ve been in business for 15 years and never had a complaintu2026.u201d I interrupted him and said, u201cBye.u201d And hung up. I think he was screaming because I was speaking so calmly. It must have hit a nerve. But some people are adults. Canu2019t help he was not. In turn, they have only been in business for 6 years, not 15. In fact, upon learning of their other lot, we realized that we had stopped by there about a year ago. They had about 10 vehicles on the lot and we were told to come back in a couple weeks because they had been out of business for about a year and are just get stock in now. Had I realized this was the same place, I would never have wasted my time. They have multiple and similar complaints on used car consumer formats, yelp,, etc. They have an u201cFu201d rating with the BBB (which is hard to get) with 34 complaints filed against them. They have 13 reviews in the last 3 years, the couple good reviews clearly were written by their people. It comical. 33 of the complains were in the last 3 years; 8 for Advertising/Sales Issues, 1 Delivery Issues, 4 Guarantee/ Warranty Issues, 20 with Products/Services. u201cBusiness has failed to resolve underlining cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.u201d The owner is Sana Kargar, If you read their couple u201cpositiveu201d reviews, you will find one with their customer service lady claiming theyu2019re great. Sheu2019s also noted on civil lawsuits with him. Interesting!

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