Autoscience DFW Auto Science Ryan Davis Ryan Wendall Davis Avoid Autoscience in Carrollton Tx at all costs. You will not get what you pay for Carrollton Texas!!. Autoscience in Carrollton Texas is a horrible choice for your automotive needs. I took my car there after overheating and was told I needed a new engine. I was fine with that as the car had 150,00 miles on it and I knew the engine was gone. After discussing options with the owner Ryan Davis I decided to go with upgraded internal engine components as the engine in my car is known to have weak pistons. After a long wait I finally got my car back and it ran fine for a short while. Soon, it began throwing check engine lights resulting in multiple return trips and more monetary outlay. Thereafter, I began inspecting the engine myself, and was shocked with what I found, many of the hoses were so brittle that they snapped or tore in my hands upon removal indicating that they hd not been replaced. None of this was covered under the supposed one year warranty I was promised. At around 7500 miles after the “rebuild” I began to hear a ticking sound which quickly grew louder and then the engine began smoking. I pulled over, opened the hood and found a massive hole in the top of my engine with flames coming out of it. After putting out the flames I could see there was a rod poking out through the engine block. The rod that was protruding was a stock rod and not the upgraded rod I paid for. After this, I had my car towed to Autoscience and was asked if I had comprehensive coverage on the car because they would bash in my oil pan and file an insurance claim. I declined and asked about my warranty. After talking in circles, the owner said he would make it right and I would only have to pay around $600 for machining costs to the heads and that he would cap any repair costs at $1500, I agreed and left. Around 100 days later I got an email saying I needed a new turbocharger for $300 bringing the cost to $1800, I again agreed and was given a date to pick up my car. On the aforementioned date I drove to pick up my car only to be told that it had been sent to Subaru of Plano because it had computer problems. I never gave permission for this to be done. Weeks later I was presented with a bill for $3000, to which I objected. The owner then proceeded to tell me he would disable my car and file a mechanics lein on it. After some arguments the bill was brought down to $2100. I reluctantly paid and left. I have since taken my car to a third party and the engine in my car is not rebuilt. It has low compression in two of the cylinders and the other two are marginal. Therfore, the engine is pretty much on it’s last legs and will be dead soon. This is not the kind of outcome anyone should expect after spendiing $10,000 at a repair shop. The end result is that my car will now have to be sold as parts due to the dying angine and some body damage. Avoid this shop, there are many, many more honest and trustworthy places to take your car. This place is pretty much scam city, the owner will say one thing and do another, not stand behind his work and try to take you for all you have.

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