AutosDirectOnline Terrible Experience, Fradulent representation of vehicle, Fully Misrepresented their Inspection Process! Brook Park, Ohio!!. I purchased a $13,600 Audi wagon from ADO, December 3rd. I was told that the car was covered under warranty for 30 days or first 1000 miles. I was also told the vehicle” was “fully operational” after being driven by the sales rep @ ADO, Mr Dan Caldwell, prior to delivery. It was delivered to my home town 400+ miles away by an auto transport. I drove it 1-2 miles towards home when it stalled and was unable to be restarted. Towed, the mecahnic says the car is “very sick”. The turbo is blown and oil has been leaking in to the exhaust system ruining it as well, further more the car had been in a major accident in the past. The repair estimate is $6000+. I contacted my sales rep, Mr Caldwell. Slow to respond, he eventually had the sales director, Mr Juan Rosario, contact me who said he would talk it over with the owner, but stated “you have my word” that we will fix this issue so that “you are fully satisfed”. That following day the owner of ADO, Mr Vince Hugo wrote that “Unfortunately we can’t help you with this car. We inspected it and found no issues with the car before shipment. We would never ship out a car that had a bad turbo.Sorry for the incovenience and let me know if you have any questions.” So in summary, I took delivery of the car and within 1.5 miles it became inoperable, towed and mechanic says the turbo part of the engine is gone and it will cost $6000+ to fix, and the company says they “can’t help me with my car” and it isn’t covered under their 30day/1000mile warrenty that is supposed to cover the engine and drivetrain. Beware of doing any business with this comapany!!

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All Star Construction / Secret Shopper

Scammer sent a report on secret shopper, cash a fraudulent check, go to CVS and buy green dot money pak cars and then email the scammer

Ace Auto Inc

Ace Auto Inc Ace Auto, Ace Auto Repair Price Gouging and poor customer service Winona Minnesota!!. Terrible customer service and price

I ordered 3 bottles of Renew, 1 Shampoo, and 1Conditioner. I only received the items on the invoice. The bottles were NOT “sealed&

I returned 1 bottle of the product. I was told I would be refunded 98.99 never received a penny. I was issued a RMA # 280-114159. ORDER#

Customer: i would like to kmow if any of the store has this in schaumburg, ilCustomer: KNY-101814516B – PNY 128GB Turbo Flash Drive

Auto Computer Solutions

Auto Computer Solutions False promises, unreliable service, poor communications Hialeah Gardens Florida!!. The Company’s website