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We needed to have emergency auto repairs. We did not have funds immediately available to pay for the repair and were offered GE Money Bank credit with 90 days interest free. At first we were told that we had been approved for the “loan” and then they changed their mind and required a cosigner. The account was paid in full within the 90 days with no problems. We were sent a joint credit card with a $3000 credit line. We needed an additional vehicle repaired and used the account and paid off the balance again within the 90 days interest free account. 6 months later they said that they didn’t receive payment so a cashier check was mailed certified to Texas. One month later they still had not cashed the cashier check and meanwhile late charges and interest of over $50 per month were piling up. I also (like the others that have complained) spoke to someone that did not speak fluent English. I sent the check to the Texas office and they have no phone number according to GE. I had mailed the check to the address on the envelope and they said it was the wrong address and should have been sent to Florida. I spoke to the person at GE and they basically said too bad so sad we cannot cancel the cashiers check and we will charge you another late fee and finance charge unless you pay today. The manager of our bank tried to deal with them and asked to speak to a supervisor. He spent over 2 hours on the phone with GE’s representative trying to get them to understand that this was a cashier’s check and it could not be cancelled for 60 days. They refused to sign an affidavit saying that the location of the check could not be determined. So basically they were trying to collect twice the balance. I need to deal somehow with all of these late charges and interest. The credit union manager said that in 28 days they could have walked it to Florida. GE said that Texas could have shredded the check. My bank representative said that this is the most unreputible company that he has dealt with. He was surprised that during the 2 hours they did not “lose his call”. The credit union made an exception and cancelled the cashiers check. We will never do business with them again. With their error they have reported to the credit bureau that we are over 90 days past due. This delinquency also appeared on the cosigners report. Isn’t that just special. We are dealing with the credit bureau to take this entry off of the report….we will see how that goes. If anyone wants to do a class action suit count us in.

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