s**+**y Customer Service with fragnaling rules alexandria bay new york!!. I ordered a front and back set that included: front brakes and brake rotors and back brakes and brake rotors. Everything was wonderful until I went to do my back brakes. They gave me wrong brakes. I had to go to Advance and buy the correct back brake pads. Come to find out, for my 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan if it was manufactured before/after March 23, 2018 then the brake pads were different shapes. I got the wrong one. I called Autoshack and spoke with a man. Got hung up on. Called back and talked to Carlos. We went and verified my info, my van’s info and looked online at descriptions. They tried to weasle out of it being their fault. I mentioned that their online descriptions for any brake pads didn’t include manfacture dates that could hinder getting the correct size/shape. He had no clue what I was talking about but you’re a warehouse dealing specifically with autoparts. Yet, Advance etc, could tell me that within minutes of their computer system asking about my van?! So I followed their instructions regarding taking photos to prove that I wasn’t lying – no problem. I asked about how much I would get refunded because it was a set deal. I mentioned that since they did give me wrong brake pads – (and mind you, they have to confirm your order before processing and make sure everything is good to go etc.) that I wasn’t going to pay for restocking, esepcially when on their website states that they reserve the right to charge a restockign fee of up to 15% of the order. Then on top of that with the email they sent to me after I sent them photos, said I had to also pay for shipping, provide them the tracking number, order number and case number. I get that, but why am I paying for shipping? I don’t trust you guys as it is to do this. I mentioned that they should have a shipping company to go with a tracking number and tell me where to go to release the products to return. My problem is on the phone today, the last phone call with them, I asked once again what my refund amount would be for JUST the back brakes. I’ve been on hold for a total of an hour compared to being able to talk to him for 15 mins total and completely disinterested shitty customer service talk “yeah yeah we’ll try to help you” with that I don’t give a f**k attitude. I ignore it and keep calm. Then he’s telling me the price for all the brakes and I’m like are you not even listening to me at all? My first email clearly stated that everything was amazing except my BACK BRAKE pads and you’re clearly not following what I am asking. So I’m taking the bullet and reporting them to my bank and see what we can do. They do have great parts, but I would call them if you order from them to confirm the parts and what exactly they are sending you. To get through, it takes up to 30 minutes before anyone answers, if they do. If you read their website – they contradict themselves on their policies and refuse to try to help the customer out.

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