Autosmith AutoSmith on Tara blvd Jonesboro Georgia 30236 Horrible treatment of Autosmith Jonesboro and its associates at Automobile Acceptance Corp. and Collision Center at Forrest Corp Georgia. Jonesboro, Georgia!!. I have several issues with this unscrupulous company who preyed on unsuspecting customers. Their behavior leaves much to be desired. I recently bought a 2002 Toyota Sienna in 12/2011, and if there overpricing was not enough, they have tried to extort double my car payment from me. I have set up an automatic payment plan which includes their insurance payment until I furnish my own insurance. I furnished them with my insurance policy in January 2012, of which time they should stop their insurance deductions. They continued to deduct their insurance payments from my account, amounting to 3 payments. Efforts to stop this payment was futile, so I contacted my bank to stop all payment, and I also called Automotive Acceptance on several occasions. I never got an individual, but I left several messages on their answering service that I was going to stop automatic payment and will be taking my payment in person to their office. I made payments every fort-night, and I have bank statements to back this claim. They continue to try to get the payment from my bank, but my bank refused. They penalized me for those return transactions, even stating that they will not accept any checks from me, thereby forfeiting my $400 redeemable voucher, although I payed my car payments six (6) months without default. Secondly, a week after I purchased the car, the car would not start. I had to pay a wrecker fee to take the car to their Collision Center to be fixed. When I got the car back, the check engine light came on. I brought it twice to be fixed. They rigged it and whenever I take it to the car wash or it rains, smoke comes from the bonnet (the engine area). The check engine light came back on, and the car is “bucking”. I called the dealership and they told me to report the problems to the Collision Center. They at the Collision Center told me to wait until it rains again to take in the car. I called the agent who sold me the car on several occasions reporting all the problems until he stopped answering. I am working person without much time to go to their office, but I finally went there, spoke to one of the supervisors, who sent me back to the Collision Center. I went to the Collision Center on 07/11/2012. I was within the warranty mileage on the engine. The person examining the car asked me how much mileage I had on the car, which was about 150 miles under the warranty. He told me that the warranty was only on the inside the engine, and not on the outside, and the work which needed to be done was on the outside. I have since then spoken to several supervisors, but no one is able to offer a solution. I am still paying my car note. I have recommended one person who has bought a car before this issue came about, but I will not recommend another. They are evil con men with no concern for what people are going through. They just want to line their pockets. Shame on you Autosmith. A crying shame.

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