AutoSpa Car Wash From Hell West Palm Beach Florida!!. On 5/6/2018 I went to Auto Spa to have my car washed. I have used their service previously for the usual acceptable but not great service. I had the full service basic wash in which they take your car through the wash, and dry and then they hand dry it in a quick detail. When they told me the car was done, one of the attendants told me that the back windows were down a crack and that the wash flooded the back seat a little. The night before knowing that I was going to take it there, I had secured all of the windows, so you can imagine my disbelief. In a haphazard attempt to dry the floorboard and my personal bags and stuff in the back seat (moving), the attendant used the air hose which only blew another odor into the car interior. He had pulled out one of the duffel bags full of clothes a little to blow the bottom of the bag, and leaned it on the door jamb, then expected me to shove it back in. Then they acted like I was finished there and motioned me out, like next, even though I was the only car there, hmmm wonder why business was so slow, now I know. This is a brand new car (less than 3,000 miles. On the way home it started to rain so I had to keep the windows closed. The stench (an industrial chemical smell and a dirty smell from the air hose) got into the A/C ductwork and blew the smell all around. It stuffed up my nose and caused a sore throat and a tightness in the chest. It was horrible. The next day I called Auto Spa and the customer service lady at the front desk heard my complaint and nonchalantly told me the manager would call me back. She asked me what the car smelled like and I told her about the strong cleaning odor and her laughing remark was, “that’s a good smell.” I told her before that it had a new car smell since it’s a brand new car and that the ‘good smell’ caused respiratory problems and was also mixed with a dirty smell. The attendants also had an attitude which leads me to believe that they did it on purpose just to be mean. They were not the usual attendants, but new people that I have never seen working there before. I had to wash all of the stuff in the back seat and it still has a faint smell and I am disabled and had to get help to have my clothes laundered. The carpeting was saturated with the cleaning solution. How healthy is that? The manager called me and I called him back and told him my sentiments. He kept interrupting me and talking over me. Finally, I said, “would you like to hear my side of the story?” and he replied, “No”. Needless to say, I will never take my car there again and want retribution for sheer negligence and causing health concerns and damage to my belongings and car interior.

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