AutoTrader [email protected] Angela A 2005 toyota camry. They wanted $2400 and i’ve already send $1000 San Antonio5100 Usaa Blvd, Texas!!. It all started me asking the person if the car was still there and this is what the person email me back “My name is Lourdes Clark and Im emailing you regarding the 2005 Toyota Camry I have for sale. It was always garaged and never smoked in. Never been damaged. It has no scratches, dents or something like that. No mechanical problems, no accidents. Clean title in hand. It does not need anything additional to function, has only 114,696 miles, VIN: 4T1BE30K05U981486, automatic transmission, 4 Cylinder, 2.4 L engine My asking price for this car is $2,400. Here are the pictures with the car : . Just let me know if you are still interested and where are you located. Thank you,Lourdes.” I fell for it for awhile and i got interested and after “she” asked me if i had $1000 and i said yes after that “she” send me this lourdes clark [email protected] May 9 (12 days ago)to me Im currently located in San Antonio TX, because I got a new job here and the car is here with me. The car is in perfect condition and not has any mechanical or electrical problems. The car was my husband`s as he loved it very much, but he did not enjoy it as he died in a IRAQ 7 month ago. It brings very bad memories to me, I want to get rid of it. From the beginning you have to know that I prefer the payment to be done using Autotrader services. We will use a safe payment method because I am affiliated at Autotrader and I have a purchase protection account. I supposed to ship the car to other buyer but then he told me that he has a financial problem and is no longer interested. He already paid the shipping charges. So, the shipping is free. I will take care of it and I will send the car with all the papers ( title, bill of sale, full service records, owners manual, books, etc ). You will have a 7 days inspection period after delivery. During that 7 days testing period I will not be able to get any money until you confirm to Autotrader that you are satisfied with the condition of the car. If you are a serious buyer, you have to email me your full name and full shipping address in order to open a case with Autotrader. They will contact you and give you more details about terms, buyer protection, payment instructions, shipping, invoice, etc. I await your email with the requested details so we can move forward. Thank you,Lourdes. So i felt bad for the person and I am currently looking for a car and i thought hey i should send the money and see what happen and after that they told me that they had started the outotrader account with me. Me buying my first car I got very excited! after awhile this woman email My name is Angela (operator 04052),Please accept my apologies for delay in my response. We have received your email with the payment details. We will contact you once we validate the payment! This transaction is valid for 30 days beginning with Thursday, May 10, 2018 If you need more details contact us . It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Autotrader. Sincerely,Angela N. Autotrader Customer Support I started to believeing that it was true, so i send the money lourds I have started the Autotrader process! Autotrader have sent you a separate email confirmation with the payment instructions.If you haven’t received it please check your Junk, Bulk or Spam email folder because this is a very secured email and your email server may reject it. Now go to a MoneyGram location and send the payment($1,000) on the Autotrader Agent name and address, using “10 minutes service”. You can’t complete this payment online you have to physically go to a location . Payment address (Autotrader Agent name and address):First name: Tom ;Last name: Branch ;Address: 6202 Linus St., ;City: San Antonio ; State: TX ;Zip: 78238 ;Country: United States ; Once payment is sent please fax the receipt from MoneyGram to the Autotrader center at: +1 (206) 337-1474. Now I’ll wait your reply with the payment confirmation and please let me know if you have received the Autotrader confirmation! Thanks ! After i’ve send my money i got an email saying Dear Customer, Here Angela (operator 04052), This transaction has been verified .Now you need to send us the remaining balance $ 1,400.00 . The amount due will be sent trough MoneyGram service to our agent Patrick Tedrow . Receiver details : Patrick Tedrow 5100 Usaa Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78240 You also need to fax us the MoneyGram receipt at +1 (206) 337-1474 . Tracking number will not be provided until the total amount is paid . Delivery date can be delayed up to 5 days once total amount is paid. If you need more details contact us . It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Autotrader. Sincerely,Angela N. And i was like wait, i was suppose to be a down payment and after get the car to test it out right? after emailing lourds saying that I want the car first before sending my money to “her” she never reply back and i send the email to outotrader and still nothing and it’s been a week. I AM REALLY PISSED OFF THAT HE TOOK MY MONEY THAT I WAS SAVING UP FOR MY FIRST CAR!

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