autotrakk company

autotrakk company

autotrakk company Fraud and misleading information montoursville pa!!. In october 2018 i bought a car off a car dealership in beckley wv. It was a 2006 hyundia sonata with 56,000 miles on it. the dealer/sales person that sold me the car said that they were able to get it financed through autotrakk. I asked the sales person who is autotrakk because ive never heard of them before. He said its a LOAN company that we use to help people get their credit back on track. I said ok. The sales person also told me that the LOAN would be short term 36 months LOAN because autotrakk didnt do long term LOANS. I said ok what will my payment be a month. The sales person told me that it would be 300 a month . I said ok cause that was within my budget. The sales person told me that they are going to install a box into my car that i can make my payments through. I took the car home that day. After having the car for about 3 months i would make a payment and my motor would just quit running and i was unable to start it . I called autotrakk and they told me that i was behind on a payment , which i knew i wasnt so i agrued with them and they told me i could make a extention payment of 30 dollars and my car would start, so i did ,i had no choice because i had to get around to work and get my grandkids off the bus. This was a repeat with them for the next 5 years always behind always had to make extention payments . Then i find out that autotrakk is not a loan company but a leasing company oh wow was i mad i would have never ever got a car on lease even though the dealer told me it was a loan company. This was a repeat of the next 5 years with autotrakk telling me im always behind on payments making extention payments and my car shutting off and not starting. I got all my bank statements together and added up what ive paid autotrakk in payments and extention payments for the last 5 years . Ive paid them a total of 19,500 dollars when at the dealership the car was sold to me for 10,900 dollars. Then in july 2018 i get a certified letter from autotrakk saying that if i didnt pay 700 dollars that they were going to repo my car needless to say they can come and get it cause ive paid them enough money. Autotrakk they are scam artists this company is designed to keep you paying for a car for years and years and the dealerships that deal with them give misleading information . Something has to be done about these issues this is FRAUD and it needs to be addressed.

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