Avalon La Jolla Colony

Avalon La Jolla Colony

Someone has been keying my car! They have scratched a deep, long scratch twice!!!! One on each side of the car!!!! I have two cars and two parking spaces. I use one for my everyday things and the other one just ones a week usually during the weekends. It’s not a sports car, it’s a Mercedes S550 . 1st time I got keyed it was two months a go! I asked myself why, maybe I did something wrong but I’m almost 50 years old and I don’t drive crazy or party at all. It’s not a good feeling to see this and the 2nd time when I got another scratch I’m pretty positive there is someone sick in this neighborhood doing this and it’s not me. Maybe someone doesn’t like to see a nice car sitting there by itself. Anyway I just want to warn everyone of the situation. You might have an open parking spot. You may see something and call the authorities.

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