Aveda Institute-Chapel Hill

Aveda Institute-Chapel Hill

Sad to say, but this school is not respectful of black students and I do NOT recommend this school to anyone looking to attend an school for cosmetology. My daughter is currently a student and on several occasions she has been harassed by the receptionist in the front and nothing was done about it. She was sent home and the person whom is the receptionist up front continued to work the rest of the day. You pay $25K for a year and they run out of products on a regular. So how can you teach when you do not have the products? What is the money paying for? | Students are not allowed to speak with the director for any reason. She sits in her office and ignores students and parents. I called and tried to make a appointment and of course she did not answer the phone. this is not a school that treats black students with the same respect as they treat white students. Or is the RECEPTIONIST up front do not like a student they are allowed to ‘pick’ with students. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL TO ANYONE FOR SCHOOL OR EVEN A SERVICE! They feed you a pipe dream when you do a tour that this is the best school ever! I had a friend go there and get her hair died black and when she came out it was bright red in the sun.

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