Avondale Dodge

Avondale Dodge

Avondale Dodge Deceptive Sales Practices @ Avondale Dodge Avondale, Arizona!!. This is a copy of an email I sent on 1/30/12 to the GM, sales manager and salesman @ Avondale Dodge with no response as of yet: Dear Mr. Messina, On 1/6/13, I was told that the 2007 Mini Cooper S for sale included a 3 yr 100,000 warranty for the asking price of $12895 and $15138 out the door. I came in and agreed to terms, started signing some papers. Heard the finance guy talk about upgrading the 100k limited warranty and it sounded good so I opted to purchase it. I was going to pay cash and left a $500 to ensure it was mine. After signing papers, right before paying at approx 9:00 pm, Kris informed me that there was a mistake and the vehicle never had any warranty because it is over 5 years old???????? I asked him than is it cheaper? And he laughed (very nice man by the way) and I looked at him and said “seriously is it cheaper?” He replied no. Why say that it comes with warranty (which I have our email correspondences assuring it the fact) stating for a no haggle price, and then expect me to pay the same price for the vehicle without the warranty because someone was mistake. That’s not my fault! I decided to get it anyways with a 6yr 100K warranty, but when everything was finalized on the 1/7/13, the warranty was only 2 yrs. & 24K. And I was getting charged for an alarm I already paid for. I am attaching all correspondences and my original paperwork. I was going to return the car (my sister and her husband as witnesses) and I spoke to a Mexican gentleman that told us he took care ofeverything. He said I would not have to pay anymore for a 4yr 48K warranty (silver package). He said the dealership was going to pay for it, for their mistake. He tried to get me initial off on the same old/warranty (#J00024256377). My brother-in-law asked for a new one because that contract was null and void. The gentleman did give us a new one, with the contract number #J00024256380. I asked again, I dont have to pay anything else because I already paid. The man said No. He then gave us gas cards and apologized for the finance guy (Jesse Anoid?) and said he would talk to the manager about Mr. Anoids deceptive sales practices. We were on our happyuntil 1/30/13 when I received a notice that I was still going to get charged. I called SPP and they did not know anything about the original contract number but the new one I was given still has the same charges as before??? Oddly enough, I also received a check from Avondale Dodge on 1/30/13 for the amount of $49.17. I do not know what for, but I will not cash it and give everything to my lawyer. So in the end, instead of getting stiffed from 6-2yrs warranty, I got stiffed from 6-4yrs and some gas cards. So in the end, I fooled by Avondale Dodges Deceptive Practices.

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