awbery powder coating

awbery powder coating

awbery powder coating LIAR LIAR LIAR bedford Indiana!!. i had ranch hand bumper that i delivered to awbery powder coating and we agreed on price for hundred dollars he was having a special and I hadnt heard from him in few days so i called and he said processed to say it wasnt done so i waited and then my job picked up so i was working almost everyday and then i messaged him cause had truck sold it went to and he said he was out of town and so i waited and then when i had chance i went out to the business and when i showed up he said they dumped mulch on my bumper and he said he would dig it out for me and time went by and many calls same thing under mulch and so a day i called said i was coming out he said ok and the day i was heading out he messaged me asking if i picked it up and i told him no so i processed to say he check his video and i came out to his place and he said police told him they couldnt do anything and he contact his insurance (state farm) and i said id get back with him in day or so cause i needed my bumper and then he said he hadnt heard anything kept dragging his feet and then i processed to get more pushy and said i want something asap he says his insurance (geico) said bumper was not worth more than 225 in which is an insult and then he said he would do anything to help and then i waited week i hadnt heard anything from him i processed to say i need my bumper replaced and then he says he has one found but dont have pics and its on autotrader my insurance .well then i got tired of wait i said i was goin to talk to my insurance and look into small claims and he said he understands and then couple days later i said can you give atleast 700 and no response and then today he needs address saying he only found adress in evansville and ive never been in evansville plus ive told him my adress time and time again the reason he need adress his attorney needed it so if you have money for attonery you have the money to pay me for part that was stolen from you

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