Azureient Corporation

Azureient Corporation

Where do I start. I’ll get down to business. Stay away from the serial scammer and convicted felon Christopher “CJ” Fernandes. Everything about this man’s so-called entrepreneurial life is a lie or an overstatement. | This is the guy behind Fernandes Properties LLC,, Mashiyu Corporation, GVR Investments, Azureient Corp, Kohala Investment Services, Champion Group International and at least another dozen entities. | The problem is that most of these “companies” only exist on paper or online but they are ALL FAKE. | CJ is a very smart guy I give him that but he rather cons, extorts or defrauds people instead of working hard and he does that without any remorse. | I invite you to verify his credentials including his latest scam the fictitious “investment company” Azureient Corp in New York supposedly located at 99 Wall Street Suite 927, New York, NY 10005. It doesn’t exist. Just like most stuff surrounding CJ; It’s all smoke and mirrors. | He’s done some real estate in the past and he was good at it and he also got involved in purchasing tiny businesses for a cheap price but he’s done all that with someone else’s money and always at a loss because there are no returns with CJ Fernandes just a whole bunch of pathetic excuses when it’s time to pay up. | My partner and I loaned CJ $10,000 out of our life savings for an investment in Orlando but not only the investment didn’t materialize but after 2 long years of giving CJ chances waiting for him to do right by us he just cut all ties, moved out of Florida and challenged us to sue him because he knew very well that as per his request the deal was done in cash to allegedly avoid taxes and we had very little legal resources available because of that. | We now understand without a doubt that we were scammed by Christopher Fernandes and we know that we’ll never see our money again. There are no words to describe the damage he’s done to our lives and our families. | However we’ve found many other victims here in the U.S. but also in other countries and we are examining out collective options against CJ. | For all of you doubting these statements I just encourage you to do a full background check on this man before you hand him over your hard-earned money. | Please email us through this site if you have additional information about Christopher Fernandes’ criminal activities. | Thank you for listening and God bless us all.

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