B& d auto sale

B& d auto sale

B& d auto sale B& d They sold me a Car with problems that I can’t afford to pay for 1800 for the repairs and I had the car for 2 days tops Burlington New Jersey!!. B& d sold me a car that broke down in two days .told me I have a warranty and I really didn’t . I ask them to repair my car I had for no longer then 48 hours And they told me they can’t do nothing about it That’s myfault the car broke down in hours B&d don’t want to pay for then repairs or anything They also told lied to bank about how much I put down witch is illegal The most of the cars on the lot is newer cars with water damage

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Be warned!!! I have been waiting for a response to my request for a refund for 14 days now (and I he email everyday) I have heard!!


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