B. MICHAEL BRIDGE CHIMERA CORPORATION, Jean G Legagneur Sr., MIGUEL CENTINOS RUBALCAVA, RUBEN LENERO HERNANDEZ, JOHN D. MAVRIDIS, STUART J. ANDERSON IS CHIMERA CORPORATION OR MR. BRIAN MICHAEL BRIDGE A FRAUD OR A SCAM OR FOR REAL? Geneva Geneva!!. Mr. B. Michael Bridge/ Chimera Corporation owes me a lot of money and other people. He’s an expert of making excuses…And I have enough documentation that would help you to decide and investigate further. Also, I know of people who have paid their 10% for project funding and still have not had their project funded, it’s been over a year now. Also, I received bank instrument (SBLC – Standby Line of Credit) in the amount of $1 Million CAD issued from Santander Private Bank by Mr. Miguel C. Rubalcava to the lawyers of Chimera – Mr. John Mavridis and Stuart J. Anderson and confirmed that Chimera has a balance on the account which exceeds 285 Million Euro. If Chimera truly had this kind of money in the bank, why are people waiting over a year to get funded or pay his short term loan to people? This makes no sense whatsoever. So now I tried to claimed my SBLC for failing to pay me as per contract, Mr. Rubalcava didn’t honor the instrument that he issued by not responding my emails. It sounds like the bankers were acting in collusion with Chimera Corporation/ Mr. Bridge to send email to the lawyers that they have the funds on his account. I have more bank instruments as a proof that these bankers could have potentially issued fake instruments. I trusted the lawyers but I guess they did not do their due diligence thoroughly with Chimera or the bankers. Or Are the lawyers are complicit? Please see link below for further information. drive.secureshare.cloud/index.php/s/7CP1UuFIz6dzrXa I hope this will help you save your money if you are trying to do business with Mr. Bridge or Chimera Corporation. Or if you are the right authorities that would be able to help me get my money and other people’s money, please contact me. Note: I won’t stop until I get my money back and find out the truth.

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