B & T Auto Repair

B & T Auto Repair

B & T Auto Repair Incompetent, Criminals, Thieves, Unaccountable, Liars, Lazy, Irresponsibile Amityville, New York!!. I have never come across a more disreputable bunch of criminals as I have the two brothers Billy and Tyrone who run B &T Auto. In addition to being incompetent mechanics, they are criminally apathetic to their customers and deserve to be on one of those news segments where they’re outed as pitiful drudges of society. After the hurricane that hit the East Coast last year, my Jeep was severely water damaged. I manged to get my truck to their shop where they admitted that it would take some work to get the car up and running but assured me that they could do it. Seven months later… My car is now at another shop and I am out thousands of dollars and the two criminals are saying I still owe them money. Both my wife and I called the shop on average of once a week to get an update on the car (since they refused to call us despite us leaving three different numbers to reach us) and every time we called they assured us work was coming along slowly. At one point they called me and said they had put in so much work on the car and they needed at least $1500 to cover the labor they’ve already done which I paid but come to find out that by labor they meant laying debris over my car including cups of coffee and removing the lawn mower from beneath it so they could mow the lawn periodically. Parts were thrown all the shop and literally at one point the vehicle was used as storage to place trash on. My car sat at their shop gathering rust and because of that many of the wires oxidized and are no longer operable. My new sound system I purchased and they did put in has never heard a tune because of course the wires aren’t connected because the Bungling Bros don’t know which switch goes where. A perfect example of their criminality is as follows… They called me and said the car needed a new harness and that it would cost $600. I paid them the money. Three months later I still have no harness and what they tell me is that they ordered one but it never came and they had been looking for a new one since. Mind you, no one called to tell me any of this and the only reason I was told was because I was calling at least once a day for weeks. I finally got one of them to pick up and that’s when their fairy tale of being ripped off was shared with me. I literally got on my computer and found a new harness within five minutes of my conversation with them and it cost me $150. They did not want to give me back my $600 insisting that they paid for the harness and now that they’re out the money, I needed to pay them for it. . I guess child support payments were due and they had already spent my harness money. Then one random day they call up my wife (remember they said they didn’t have a number to reach us) and say, “Oh,we just lost our lease. You have to come get your car and by the way, it’s still not working because it needs a new computer so if you pay us for that we’ll order it.” Out of pure frustration and anger my wife broke out in tears. Thankfully I got a new mechanic willing to pick up the vehicle the same day of that call and the two criminals had the nerve to say they wouldn’t release the car because I owed them money. I guess more child support payments had to be paid and they were looking at my wife and I to do it for them. It took over an hour of negotiating to get them to release my car and since then my new mechanic has said not only did those criminally insane inept imbeciles not work on the car, but now to fix it, would no doubt cost more then what I paid for it initially. And the two brothers are still looking for more money from me. I have never in my life come across a more blatant and disgusting business then B & T Auto. Billy and Tyrone are not only incompetent but they’re flat out criminals. If they re open their shop somewhere else where I’ve been told they plan on doing I will campaign to have their practices brought to light in hopes of people avoiding what my wife and I are currently dealing with. B &T Automotive and their owners Billy and Tyrone are world class criminals. I couldn’t speak any lower of any two more disgusting people and business owners then them

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