Bachman Bernard Chevrolet GMC

Bachman Bernard Chevrolet GMC

Bachman Bernard Chevrolet GMC Extremely overpriced parts and service Greeneville Tennessee!!. 1. Had radio reception service in 2003 GMC Envoy 2. B.B. Diagnosed the problem as the radio, quoted $450 to replace 3. Ordered radio, installed, paid over $500, labor was charged at $290 per hour. 4. Radio still had same issues, low undistinuishable sounds 5. Tech checked and said now the speakers were bad. Originally they quoted $700 + to change all 4 speakers. 6. I stated that they installed a new radio, I had $500 invested and that didn’t fix it. They took the stand that I was a part of the decision making process. My part was to agree to have them change the radio as they diagnosed it as bad, not my tech decicion. 7. They quoted $100 per door to change speakers. I had priced the speakers on the GMC OEM website and they (4) were less than $90 totel for the complete set of 4. I agreed to only change out the 2 front door speakers as it was a 2003 car. 8. When I arrived to have them installed, I suggested in good faith they should offer a few free oil changes as atonement because they installed anew %500 radio which I didn’t need. 9. Service manager again brought up the point that I decided to change the radio and he already agreed to change the speakers for 1/2 the price at $50 per door. If he could offer oil changes he would need to up the service charge to $100 per door. I told him to install at $50 each. 10. When I received the invoice he had indeed charged me the $50 per door = $100, BUT he charged me $133 per speaker = $266. This total service to buy and install 2 speakers should have been approximately $150 max but my bill was $366. 11. Checking the radio on GMC OEM equipment web site the radio should have cost the dealer less than $100. This service was charged at $480. And the radio didn’t fix the issue so now I have spent a total of $746 where $150 would have covered the proper solution. 12. The service manager is very clever stating that he would only charge 1/2 the normal labor to change the speakers, while way over charging for the 2 speakers themselves and very high hourly rate to change the radio. 13. This is not the first pricing issue I have experienced with this dealorship.

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