back yard garage

back yard garage

back yard garage jeff milwaukee!!. told me it would cost 1000 dollers to put in a trans mision and ask for 400 dollers down keaped the van for 6 weeks and then wanted 1100more to do it and never did a thing. he rips off seniors he got the 400 and wont give any part of it back .i took the van back and lost 400 dollers. he said he deals with a lot of seniors which means he rips off a lot off them he takes nothing but cash so he is riping of the tax dept to

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Sending Complaint

After chasing many times on email, customer support, tried to phone … ALL phones switched off. Not once has anyone contacted me.

Complex Media, Inc.

Contacted seller from cell phone and was told to send money through moneygram. Always replied, but once I paid I never received my item

The Christrian Singles Registry, owned by Larry McEntire, claims to introduce marriage-minded ladies, from 60 different countries, to Complaint

After having been a professional and licensed advertiser utilizing this company’s website for years, my account was suspended and


Back when AT&T decided they wanted out of the wireless business they said I needed to go to another company.One day I get a brochure