BACKHANDER.CC On 24/03/2018 They have hacked my debitcard details and took 3207.48INR from MY CORPORATION BANK ACCOUNT . Barueri CALIFORNIA!!. Just now i saw my bank passbook and i came to know that on 24/03/2018 there was 1 transaction of 3207.48INR -WWW.BACKHANDER.CC. hence Backhander company as hacked my corporation bank debit card and as taken 3207.48 from my corporation bank account. So i request you to order to the company to transfer my money of INR 3207.48 to my corporation bank account vittal branch. My account number-(((REDACTED))). Account holder name- Alson Lxxxx IFSC Code-xxxx1200. MICR CODE-xxxx7034. My mobile phone number-+(((REDACTE))) thank you

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