Bad Girl Reports

Bad Girl Reports

On March 15, 2017 this website based out in Toronto, Ontario Canada, posted a bogus-libelous article that included my Fiancee accusing her of credit card fraud. Not only is the story inaccurate and libelous, but the website also exposes women of all who never caused any harm to anyone, to be put on this site, and to warn others that they are criminals and pyscho’s. | This website needs to be shut down, the owners need to be held accountable and fess up. Two individuals who wrote this story are already been named in other libelous article writing on other personal websites that promote hatred, defamation, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and impersonation. | Here is the link to the site, do not visit this sight, nor subscribe to it, because it can encrypt your email address, and other personal information, therefore exposing yourself: | Here is the bogus article I am demanding to be have removed, no court order will prevent me from making this happen: | respond | My Fiancee’s reputation as an honest person of society has been ruined because of this site.

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